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Quick Question - Cold Restaurants
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Question Quick Question - Cold Restaurants

Just a quick question - er, rather, series of questions. I would really appreciate a little insight from the POV of anyone who has this problem, or works in the restaurant industry.

I get cold very easily. Lately I've found that a lot of restaurants are, well, damned chilly. I end up having to wear my coat while I eat, and since I favour heavy pea-coats, it gets a bit cumbersome, and I find it harder to relax and enjoy my meal when my fingers are freezing.

So, my question(s) are: is there an actual reason for the low temperatures? (I know it's not just me, because even my girlfriend, who doesn't chill easily, has been noticing it.) Is it possible to ask to turn the heat up in just our section, or is that probably not an option?

Obviously, if there's a good reason for the cold, I will simply continue to bundle up (I still enjoy eating out too much to just stop going).

Thanks to everyone who reads this, and I hope someone can provide some insight!