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No Loan for Gambling Debts
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Default No Loan for Gambling Debts

The SC from this thread called wanting to borrow money to cover his gambling debts again. I suppose I should give him points for staying on the wagon for over a year.

My side of the conversation went something like this:

I've told you before that we can't lend you money to cover gambling debts.
No, it doesn't matter what collateral we use for the loan.
No, I can't make it a personal loan.
Because you already told me it's to cover gambling debts.
I'm sorry to hear your credit cards are maxed out, but that only makes it more difficult to get a loan.
No, I can't pretend I didn't hear you say it was for gambling debts.
Good luck finding another solution.

I'm surprised any of the local casinos take checks or debit from him, since we returned A LOT of overdrafts from them last time. I imagine he's got unpaid collections on his credit report from that, too.
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