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Business Cards
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Default Business Cards

I've wanted to do business cards for some time as part of the merchandising package I want for the site. I am, however, artistically challenged.

MaddonaC and RecoveringKinkoid have stepped forward to give everyone a very easy solution to this.

The file is 1.4Mb or so, and it contains two files. The doc file is from MadonnaC and designed to be printed on a home printer, but I'll quite cheerfully ask her to provide details on what stock and perforated sheets to use there. The PDF is from RecoveringKinkoid. Again, I'll ask her to speak up on the best way to use it, but it can be printed out and cut up, or you can upload it to Kinko's services for them to print out and send to you. It's not a cheap option, but it would get really good results. I think you'll all be happy with what the ladies have come up with

Both versions allow you to add your name so that people can put you down as the referrer. If you want to spread the word, go for it!