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Fast, Friendly...Fun... Not so much.
Old 06-17-2008, 04:26 AM
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Default Fast, Friendly...Fun... Not so much.

I work at Target, seeing its a small store in a small town. If you don't know what I mean by small, wasn't built by stratch, but THEY are making a bigger one, while the store reminds open.

This lady came up to me..

Lady: Do you have any lids out back?

Me: ...No, we don't have any outback. I can check another Target store or see if the remote has it.

Her friend: You don't have another location?

Me: No. It's either in E18-E19 or on these top risers. Once we get a shipment, they go straight to the sales floor, but whatever is backstock goes to the remote.

Lady: Well...I work at another Target store...you can check on your PDA for a backroom location..

Me: (THATs your Target store...) *So I did the pda scan...haha turns out I was right. "...Nope none in backroom, but I can order it for you called a Guest Request."

Friend: You don't have it anywhere else!?

Me: No. HERE or...on these top risers as you see. *facepalms*

Yeah, I called my TL, he told me on my walkie to tell them. They can get a discount on the under the bed storage bin.... or if they live close...they can come back to get the lid.

Also each Target store is different. Only difference about our store is its size, how much we can hold and in backroom.

I figured seeing that she soo claims to be a Target team member from some store...NOT in our region ^^ would understand, but no, being a typical customer..with no listening skills..and yet trying to tell me about the backroom locater...

Old 06-17-2008, 07:04 AM
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Heh, with the number of times I've had people outright DEMAND I order something for them from another store...a Guest Request system would be nice.

Then again...

I had a woman the other day get upset because we were out of baby registry invitation inserts. I don't blame her, I told my manager we were out of them over a month ago. So I called the local stores (I'm not supposed to do that, but it was slow) to find out who had them (three of the local stores were out too!) and finally got a yes from #4. She promptly threw a tantrum because someone would set out from #4, which is 20 minutes away, to hand deliver them to her at our store so she wouldn't have to go sooooooo far to get them.

This is a typical reaction when we're out of something but another local store has it. This just happened to be the most annoying and recent.

Do I really want these people to come to the conclusion that they can demand that I order anything they want into the store and I have to do it?
It's little things that make the difference between 'enjoyable', 'tolerable', and 'gimme a spoon, I'm digging an escape tunnel'.

Old 06-18-2008, 06:09 PM
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Yeah, the only time I'll ask (politely) if they're able to check another store for an item is if:

A) I know the store is happy to do that because they've volunteered it in the past


B) They've just then volunteered to check another store

These SCs would be surprised to find out how being polite can go a long, long way. One time I was looking for some particular Transformers figures at Toys R Us and the customer service people actually went into the stockroom, grabbed a couple unopened cases of Transformers and let me look through them to see if they contained the figures I was looking for. Unfortunately, they didn't, but I was extremely grateful and thanked them repeatedly for helping me out. They even volunteered to call another store or two to see if they had what I was looking for, but I figured they had done enough for me.

Old 06-18-2008, 06:36 PM
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When I worked at a Dennys, some SC wanted bananas on her oatmeal and we were out. This was right as I was supposed to be getting off the clock and the morning server hadn't shown up yet. She bitched and moaned until I agreed to call the morning girl on her way in... yes... I did this... and ask if she could stop and get a banana at the store that was right across the parking lot. But no, the girl was 15 mins away and she needed her banana NOW. My boyfriend was sitting on the bench by the register, waiting for me to clock out and give me a ride home. SC says,
"We'll, he's not doing anything, can you ask him to go get my bananas?"

My boyfriend's response?
"Fuck no, you dumb bitch."

No tip for me of course, but it was easily worth the look on her face a thousand times over.

Old 06-18-2008, 08:37 PM
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Our computerized inventory lets me check other stores in the district (about 15 stores) for products. When we're out, we'll do that in case the customer really needs that item and doesn't mind going for a drive to get it. However, the closest stores are about 40 minutes away in either direction, so, of course, they want it transferred. In my three years, only one has taken me up on the offer that we will have it transferred if they're willing to pay us back for the shipping UPS charges us (which, for computers, can get pretty expensive).

I did have one guy, though, so set on one laptop model that he decided to take a drive to the one store in the district who had any left. My store is in the northern half of Utah. Wanting it sooner than UPS could get it to us (about four days, considering it would be over a weekend), he drove from here to one of our Montana stores. Almost 1000 miles for a laptop. I was stunned.
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