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My grandmother does NOT own a bakery.
Old 03-15-2012, 05:31 AM
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Default My grandmother does NOT own a bakery.

My mom and I have been cleaning up my grandmother's kitchen and back porch since we needed to make room to have the kitchen floor redone, and she was also getting a new refrigerator and stove.

My grandmother got it in her head that the best place to store spices was in the fridge, so she had literally 2-3 trash bags full of spices from the fridge (my mom went through and sorted them, discarding the expired product).

Her freezer we referred to as "the Freezer of Death" because every time you opened the door, something would fall out. The kitchen fridge was also "thoroughly stocked". As is the back porch one. And its freezer. As is the fridge-sized freezer in the basement. As it has been since well before my grandfather passed on (7 years ago).

On the back porch we found at least 200lbs of flour (probably more), 150lbs of sugar (probably more), 2 crock pots (one still unopened in the box), 25 bags of chocolate chips (so old they had turned to powder), and a bag of "Ant Poison" near some food items.

My mom had said a few times "shoot me now". I think she's getting a little exasperated.

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