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Mom's Gotta Get Her Tan On....
Old 03-25-2012, 05:03 PM
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Default Mom's Gotta Get Her Tan On....

When I used to tan more frequently and went to an actual tanning salon (I know, I know, and I KNOW it's bad for you. I only do it once or twice a month when it's not spring/summer), I used to come across this constantly, and after yesterday, I'm sad to report it happens at the gym as well. Where there is a DAYCARE inside the building.

The salon I used to go to was family owned, and even though the lady had a sign up about NO KIDS allowed (due to having to be 16 to be in a tanning salon), there was always her family or friends around that brought their kids with them when they went tanning. Slowly, she started having to put toys and kid books in the lounge area.

They have a small area of 3 tanning beds at the gym. The package deals are horrendously expensive, and since I don't do it much, I just pay the full price for an individual session when I go, because it doesn't save me any money to pay monthly for something I wouldn't use.

Apparently, Momma needed her tanning time, so inside a room she went, and while she basked in 12 minutes of ultraviolet radiation goodness, her two kids wildly ran around the lobby of the gym, snacked on ice cream treats, and kept running in and out of the tanning area (there's a few chairs for people waiting, magazine racks, a TV, whatnot).

Yeah, Mother of the Year......I realize you can't always get a babysitter for a tanning session...did it ever occur to you that with your monthly gym membership you can put your kids in daycare while you are working out or whatever you're doing?

Because I had to wait 10 minutes for a bed, I got to enjoy all the wonders of brats that make my uterus twinge and my ovaries want to burst while the kids ran amock.

The poor workers at the lobby aren't allowed to say anything even though there is a sign, no one follows it. It's the same sign that says no perfume, no running in commons areas, everyone has to be in gym clothes, that no one follows.

The day that the brats go into the movie theater while I'm working out in there, there will be trouble.
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Old 03-26-2012, 11:38 PM
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although since the parent was clearly not watching them... i guess you could call CPS about kids running loose unsupervised.

if they're below a specific age the cops may very well respond
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