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Old 04-30-2012, 11:27 PM
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I went to Target today and bought 4 large Sterilite storage totes and some industrial-duty lawn bags. I plan on wrapping everything in the lawn bags, using my vacuum cleaner to remove the air and secure with rubber bands, then lock everything up in the plastic totes. I'm adding fabric softener sheets to each bag, as well. Hopefully this will keep everything safe.

We'll be packing this week, moving out Saturday and heading to Maine for a week and a half starting Sunday. Then we fly to China until the first week in June. So we will see what shape everything is in when we get back.

Thanks for all the advice, I really appreciate it!

then when you get them home, you might want to try airing the clothes outside if possible. that can really help get rid of funny smells. and of course washing them. (or washing & air-drying if you can)
I'll try to do this as well, it sounds like it would help quite a bit. Thanks!

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