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Old 04-25-2012, 06:09 AM
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My first nightfill job was at a brand new store. At our induction I sat with 2 other women. Before we had a chance to introduce ourselves we were instructed to find our name badges and then sit with our departments. On the second day of induction we discovered that we shared our name, though we all had different spelling. After the store opened, we discovered that there were quite a few people with the same name. For the men, it was David. The store manager, night manager, dairy manager, plus a dairy and nightfill team member. Then the night manager became the grocery 2IC, and he was replaced with another David. As for the women, the common name was Katrina, but there were different spellings. No one had the same spelling as me, but there was a Katrina as dairy 2IC, Katreena on front end, Katie (short for Katrina) on checkouts, and me on grocery. When the second David took over for David on nightfill, his wife started in point of sale. Her name, Katrina. There was another Katrina with different spelling, but I can't remember how it was spelled, but she ended up in the deli. So we have all these Katrina's and David's running around the store, with everyone being asked to clarify which Katrina and David they were wanting to speak to, which was when David the grocery 2IC was promoted to Dairy Manager. So that means 2 Davids in dairy. He then requested that I be moved to dairy as I was a good worker. That resulted in 7 team members of dairy, two named David and two named Katrina (or variations of). At this point we had picked up another David in grocery nightfill and one for fresh produce.

Anyone keeping count? I'll help. Six Katrina's (or variations of), two of which worked dairy and two were front end (Katie got a promotion). Seven Davids, three were night team (one manager, two night fill), two dairy (one manager, one fill team), one store manager and one fresh produce team member. One David and Katrina were married to each other. 3 managers named David, and four of the seven in the dairy team shared the 2 names. Fun times. Especially when a customer demanded to speak to David or Katrina, but didn't know which one and asked "How many Davids (or Katrinas) do you have here?" Or they'd want to speak to David the manager, but not know which manager.

Old 04-25-2012, 02:01 PM
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Someone accidentally leave the cloning machine on?
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Old 04-25-2012, 02:18 PM
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Quoth ozcatbug View Post
...speak to David or Katrina...
K-K-K-Kay Deee!
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Quoth dalesys View Post
circa 1937: D'On (wife of a cousin of my dad's).
Unless it's pronounced something like Da postra fon at least it makes sense. I'm guessing it's actually Dion (or Deon)

Old 04-26-2012, 08:55 AM
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Quoth ozcatbug View Post
(lots of David's and Katrina's)
Huh, I grew up with a David and a Katrina, couldn't stand either one. Also worked for awhile with another David.

Growing up, for awhile, there were five Ch/Kris' in my class, my cousin Kris (younger in another grade), and if mom had her way, I would have been a 'Ch/Kris' as well.

Where was that cloning machine again, and who has the hammer to beat on it?

Old 04-27-2012, 03:40 PM
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I must have a cloning machine around here that is set to 'Paul's

I have 1 as a relatives husband, 5 as friends, 2 at my current workplace, 1 as a family member of someone I currently work with, 1 as a tradesman I use and I've worked with 3 others in the past. (so 11 current and 3 old if you aren't keeping count.

Although I did go through a period where every boss had the same name as my husband... checking emails didn't go to the wrong place was fun.
I am so SO glad I was not present for this. There would have been an unpleasant duct tape incident. - Joi

Old 05-01-2012, 02:56 AM
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Quoth Merriweather View Post
I can go you one better. My husband & my younger brother both have the same first name (oddly enough, I have a friend with the same situation herself). Anyway, before we were married, future hubby was helping me move, and my younger brother came from out of state to help as well. It was confusing enough when I would yell their name, and they'd both yell "which one", but we knew we needed a break from moving when one of them yelled to the other one, who responded "which one?"
I can up that one I have great uncles who are twins who are both named Jose. They have different middle names but I can't remember what they are because we call them Pepe and Papo. Also my mother has the same first name as her aunt. The aunt was born 2 months AFTER my mother so the family gave my mother a nickname that is no where near her given name.

Old 05-01-2012, 02:19 PM
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Two of my brothers in law are called Steve, and both my sisters in law are called Michelle. My sister's name is Tracy, her husband Steve's brother is married to Tracey. My other sister's husband is called Terry, and my mum's name is Terry.

Family get-togethers are great fun **nodnod**.
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