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Old 05-05-2012, 11:36 PM
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Quoth greensinestro View Post
Now,y parents used to take towels, way back when Holiday Inn embroidered their name on them. I guess that's why you no longer see their name on them.
My parents did that too! At the vet's office where I work, people donate a lot of towels since we go trough them like crazy. There was one a couple of weeks ago with the Holiday Inn logo. I know they switched to plain white towels a long time ago because of the theft. I think a lot of people's parents stole them!

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Quoth bhskittykatt View Post
For some reason, people lately have been smoking in our nonsmoking rooms. I had five, five!, nonsmoking rooms that were smoked in.
Hotel I stayed in the past two days had the same issue, except it was smoking on the balcony(which is considered ok, yes I asked, and was ok with walking down the stairs if it hadn't been), WITH THE BALCONY DOOR OPEN!

I don't even....
Honestly.... the image of that in my head made me go "AWESOME!"..... and then I remembered I am terribly strange.-Red dazes
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