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It starts and ends with me
Old 12-12-2007, 01:29 AM
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Default It starts and ends with me

I've worked in electronics/appliances retailing for years.

At one company I worked for, my last position was as district manager. They actually referred to it as "min-DM" because I was the store manager of one store, but also over that one and two others.

I still also worked on the sales floor helping customers. While that was a huge pain and not worth all the headaches (that's why I left) it did result in a unique situation when a customer would have a problem with me.

SC: I want to speak to the manager!
Me: That's me.
SC: Well I want to speak to the district manager!
Me: That's me as well.
SC: Well then give me the number to corporate!
Me: Sure, here you go.

Now, when a customer would call the corporate office to complain the receptionist would take down the info and tell the customer that a corporate representative would call them back shortly.

Then they would refer to the store list, find out who the district manager was for the store that got the complaint, and fax the complaint to said district manager (Me).

I'd get the complaint, then call the customer.

Me: Hi, this is Alex, with ___. I understand you have a complaint about your shopping experience with us?
SC: .......

Made my day when that would happen.

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