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Where the *&^% are you?!
Old 07-14-2006, 03:34 PM
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Angry Where the *&^% are you?!

I work in the testing center/PLATO lab of my college. PLATO is a high-school credit recovery program, so we get a lot of delinquite, immature students. Before they can enroll in the program, they have to meet with the supervisor, Mrs. Blank (Withheld for protection). I got a phonecall on wensday from an irate father, and it went something like this...

Me: Hello, *Department name*, how can I help you?
SC: Where are you?!
Me: We're in *Building name*.
SC: Well, where's that?!
Me: Its by *Such and such Halls*. Its downhill.
SC: Where? On the left?
Me: *Has no idea what he's talking about.* Um, no.
SC: I just passed *a building I'ver never heard of*.
Me: Sir...where are you?
Me: No, what campus?
SC: I'm at OU. It's in *Another town*
Me: Sir, we're OCC, not OU. We're in *town*.
SC: Well, thats JUST GREAT!! Can I postpone the appointment until later?
Me: No, Mrs. Blank leaves at 3 during the summer.
Me: Well, I can schedual you for next wensday...
SC: Fine! *Yells randomly at his kid for a minute* BYE!!!

Turns out the guy had JUST called us to tell Mrs. Blank he'd be late, and we'd already told he he was not only in the wrong College, but the WRONG TOWN.

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