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Tales From the Hobby Department Part 2
Old 12-30-2010, 04:50 AM
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Default Tales From the Hobby Department Part 2

The Airbrush Case

It would appear that someone, somewhere has a very unhealthy love for airbrushes and air compressors. It is the only explanation I can come up with for the smudges that appeared on the air brush case. Not only was the glass covered in "oh shiny" hand prints, but it actually seems as though someone pressed their face against the case and drooled.

...They are quite pretty though.... I'll give them that.

Exacto Knives

Why you needed ONE blade out of the pack of 5, I am not sure. But thank you for taking it and leaving the other 4 scattered along the base board for me to pick up. I assume you put the one you stole in your purse...pocket...or wallet. In which case, I really hope you forget it is there and have a nasty surprise later.


More Adventures in Figurines

The Red and Blue knights ((on their respective horses)) were at it again. Jousting as usual. However they were preforming for an audience of Cowboys, Elephants and Giraffes today....and seemed to be fighting over the Harley Davidson. The geographical and historical inconsistencies in the scene were quite amusing...if not perplexing.

A few of the jockeys were in a race, it would seem that the winner was not yet decided...and I discovered two of them hiding behind the Diorama stuff in a very compromising situation.

There was an EPIC battle between the dinosaurs. Two Big bad T-Rex, 3 little T-Rex and the velociraptors VS 3 Stegosaurus, 2 Woolly Mammoths, and a baby t-rex((who may or may not have been a double agent)). The main hub of the battle took place under the exacto knives....but I found random contingencies scattered around by the slot cars as well.


The Appaloosas have once again staged an escape and lead the other horses out. I found some frolicking by the Easel displays, a few playing in the science kits...and I heard a rumor that a few others were found all the way over in Seasonal stuff.


A hyena got into the tiger cubs.... I either saved the cubs or the hyena.... mommy tiger lives right next door.


The blue princess and the prince were dancing by the art kits, it appears they were the only ones to stay late after the ball.


The cowboys appear to have had a quarrel of some type. They left the Indians alone and waged war amidst themselves. A few rode into the fray on their horses, others were faced off ready to shoot.... I seemed to have missed the 20 paces.

They have been sent to their respective shelves to cool off and think about what they did.

"I'm not smiling because I'm happy. I'm smiling because every time I blink your head explodes!"

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