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Quoth evilhomer View Post
Unlike my brilliant CW's, I actually have the brainpower to figure out that when an item is labelled for room 102, that means that it is supposed to go to room 102. Also, unlike my cw's, I know how to read plans, so when I am in room 102, with the item labelled for 102, I can place it in the exact location where the designer intended it to be placed.... (snip)
... Isn't it much easier to just assume that the person you are dealing with is a complete moron?
To be fair, it seems that assuming someone who works for your company is too stupid to read plans and/or shipping labels has a 90%+ chance of being correct.

I, too, hate it when people I've never met assume I'm incompetent. And I take no solace in knowing that if they just treat every stranger they encounter that way, they are usually right.
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