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Like Pulling Teeth to get a Credit REMOVED
Old 11-19-2019, 06:51 AM
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Default Like Pulling Teeth to get a Credit REMOVED

This whole story is a little convoluted (which is where the final problem is coming from, I'm sure).

I have an account at a particularly patriotic 4 letter bank. They've been pretty awesome and are known for being so.

1) October 20th I did a $2500 cash advance so I could pay our insurance payment (husband is on medical leave and apparently we have to pay all $2600 of that every month, which is neither here nor there, just adds to the frustration).

2) October 21st I paid said insurance bill.

3) October 22rd I got call from said bank. It woke me up (we keep second shifter hours). Minorly annoying because it means they called twice in 10 minutes instead of leaving a message, but okay. It's Fraud wanting to go over a couple of charges with me that were made in Ohio on my rarely used Craft CC. Okay that's annoying. I confirm that the charge is not me and I don't know the person whose name they had.

At this point I'm at the computer looking at said card. There is a pending charge there that isn't mine. The guy on the phone asks for my security PIN, which I gave him and then immediately changed. I'd say I'm paranoid, but if I'd been awake I'd realize they don't need that PIN if they call me. Normally I would've asked him for his extension and called him back.

He then asks if the number I'm on is a good number to send a verification code and I say yes and he asks to put me on hold. It took me awhile to realize the call had ended.

By that point the red flags had gone off enough it got through my sleepy haze. I changed my password (just in case) and contacted their online support. Chat confirms that there were no outbound calls from them to me. Great. They recommend I keep an eye on the accounts but since I changed my passwords everything should be fine.

4) October 23rd There's a $5000 transfer from a connected bank (BoA) to one of my accounts (the one I use as a savings account for my daughter) that had been done via phone. There hadn't been $5000 in that account to begin with.

Back to online support. I explain the problem and she seems very upset this has happened...and then proceeds to verify the regular cash advance and the insurance payment and ask if that's all I needed. Well, no. I have this transfer I didn't authorize. So she asks if I want her to transfer it back and I say sure. Only she can't do that, I need to call. I ask if it would be any different than if I did the transfer online myself and she says no.

So I did that. I really, really, really wish I hadn't done that.

5) October 24th BoA cancels the initial transfer due to a lack of funds. My husband calls the 4 letter bank to see if the transfer I did the night before can be cancelled. Of course! No problem! All done!

It cleared that night.

So now my BoA account is 5k up and the 4 letter account is 5k down.

I decide at this point to let the accounts sit and make sure nothing else is going to happen because I'm frustrated and everything we seem to do to fix it gets broken by something else that happens immediately after.

6) October 28th The autodraft protection on the 4 letter account kicks in and pulls $4900 from my normally used credit card to the 4 letter checking account.

Now BoA is 5k up, 4 letter checking is even(ish), and my CC has an extra $4900 charge on it.

7) October 29th I get a call from the Fraud department again but they only called once and left a message to call them back. I -swear- it sounded like the same guy. I call and eventually get connected to a nice lady named Angela. She confirms that their fraud department called me and I go over the entire thing with her.

While all of this had been going on there had been pending charges on the Craft CC that had been showing up and falling off. I can't dispute them until they actually hit, but I was confused why no one had blocked the cards or gotten me a new one or anything. I asked her and she was also confused. She did get me new card sent express.

She marks whatever she needs to do and says she's sent it on to the people who can fix the other problems and if for whatever reason it isn't fixed by Saturday to call her back directly and she'll look into it.

Awesome, thanks.

8) November 2nd the fee for the OD protection had been removed but nothing else happened. Angela is perplexed because she had been sent a message saying it was all resolved. She puts me on hold for awhile and then comes back and says she's flagged the cash advance and the OD protection transfer as fraud. (This has also marked my regular CC as stolen so I'm getting a new one of those too, Express.)

....No, that cash advance was me. She'd gotten confused. So she went in and canceled the flag for the cash advance I asked if it would be easier for me to just pay the $4900 from the BoA account to the CC and call it all done?

She hadn't realized I had the money sitting around waiting to figure out where it should go. Yes, that would be easier! She'd put a note in the fraud alerts she flagged to ignore everything and it was taken care of.

9) Anyone want to guess what happened?
They credited my CC the $2500 from the Cash Advance. The one that I -did- do. And sent me an e-mail saying the OD protection charge wasn't fraud, it was fine so they wouldn't be undoing that.


So I left it for a week, waiting for the $2500 to be taken out of my checking account.

Current Score: BoA and 4 letter checking back to normal. CC $2500 less of a balance than it should be.

10) November 9th I call and leave a message for her, telling her about the credit and as much as I like free money, it isn't mine.

She calls me back and gets my voicemail and tells me I'll have to call Card Services and speak with them.

No spoons left for that nonsense that day.

11) November 11th I call and confuse the hell out of yet another employee of 4 letter bank. Despite me trying to keep it simple and down to "they've given me a credit I don't deserve" I end up having to explain the whole thing because of course he read the notes first and is very confused.

After a lot of explaining and reexplaining he does eventually seem to get it. So I'm back on hold yet again. Waiting...and he comes back to tell me that his help desk said it was a credit for the Cash Advance done on October 21st (which is when it cleared).
"I know....but that is a legitimate charge. I did that cash advance."

Back on hold.

He comes back and says he's escalated it, they would finish it in 3-5 business days, and would I like a case number in case I had to call back?
I would yes.
Oh, except his computer is acting up and isn't giving it to him. But it'll message me the number through the website. Sure, great. Thanks.

I never get a message with the number.

And it has just turned to November 19th and nothing has changed.

Why am I down to pulling teeth so I can owe someone more money than they seem to want me to?

Old 11-19-2019, 06:23 PM
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That is a mess that would have my brain hurting. Ugh.
Great YouTube channel check it out!

Old 11-19-2019, 07:05 PM
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Ugh, that sounds horrible.

I think one of the lessons to take from this, is "Don't churn the waters" by trying to do something that seems 'easier' to resolve the issue.

If there's a bank error or fraudulent charge on your account, get the banks to roll things back for you. Don't try to undo it yourself.

Hopefully it can be sorted out for you in the end. Just don't forget that extra credit until it is sorted out, and you should be fine (and may get a bit less interest charges in the mean time )

Old 12-01-2019, 11:06 PM
Rayndel Rayndel is offline
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I never did call back.

As of the 27th they finally reversed the credit advance in the checking account (making it negative) and then on the 29th the OD protection went into affect, effectively making everything right again.

....and now to do another advance to pay the insurance bill. Wish me luck!
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