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Old 06-11-2019, 10:07 PM
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I think Kit-G was hoping to change their name to "table" so you would hop on them....
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Old 06-12-2019, 01:38 AM
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Couple more stories from the last few weeks:

Dude, just shut up

I REALLY can't fault this guy too hard, but ye gods was taking the minutes for this meeting painful.

One of the committees we have at work consists of former patients, a couple of our med students and part of my team. Basically said committee's role is to ensure that we're actually meeting the needs of the patients and getting their perspective on things (it's also something we do get accredited against). Unfortunately, one of the guys in the group has the problem that when he gets started, he does not stop talking. And to make matters worse, he will bring EVERYTHING around onto his area of passion, which while it's great, makes it hard for everyone else to get a word edgewise in. He's also a slow talker. Yeah...doing the minutes for this meeting is definitely interesting!

I don't have an accent do I?

One from a "shit hits the fan" meeting last night. This one's the smallest committee I've dealt with by far (small specialty - only 5 doctors) and I'd been warned in advance that the members had that "boys club" mentality about them. While I DID notice it during the meeting (slightly), it wasn't as bad as I feared.

Towards the end of the meeting however, I was talking about the hand hygiene statistics and we actually got into a good discussion about how to improve on proper hand hygiene, then one of the doctors asks me "Are you American?" I tell him no and he then asks me where I'm from. I tell him I'm from MinorCapitalCity in Australia and he goes on to tell me that I have an accent! Cue EVERYONE in the room (including the two people who actually have accents - one Vietnamese, the other Indian) bursting into laughter .

(For the record, yes there are slight differences in accent across the Australian states, but it's not overly noticeable)
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Old 06-12-2019, 02:39 AM
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Quoth LadyofArc View Post
...(For the record, yes there are slight differences in accent across the Australian states, but it's not overly noticeable)
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Old 06-12-2019, 02:53 AM
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Or Doctor Thornton Poole. ("She seems to have such nicely rounded diphthongs!" Response: "That's what got her into this jam!")
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Old 06-13-2019, 12:09 AM
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The best way to show yor accent is to repeat
Australia 6 New Zealand 7
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Old 06-14-2019, 08:41 AM
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So it turns out that Doctor "Where are you from" I mentioned above was actually drunk by the time he'd asked me that question - for some strange reason, that's the ONLY "Shit hit the fan" meeting where wine is part of the catering request and the good doctor figured "Hey, red wine has health benefits, I may as well partake!" Yeah...taking the wine off future requests. (Most of the requests had been put in before I started there)

Actual Safety Incident at work #2
To sum up, one of the operating theatre nurses was doing some cleaning in one of the rooms and somehow (not quite sure how), managed to flick himself in the balls with a plug from an electrical cord. To make matters worse, he'd had a vasectomy recently, so there was also a bit of swelling. Yeah....

Funny doctor names

Was doing some data analysis stuff the other day and found that there used to be an orthopaedic doctor at the hospital with the surname of "Hackman." There was also another doctor (not sure what specialty) with the surname "Butt."
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Old 06-15-2019, 02:56 AM
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Quoth LadyofArc View Post
Funny doctor names
Can't help ya there, but I can give you a couple funny lawyer names. Suffice it to say that the names fit them quite well: Mr. Fink and Mr. Cheatwood.

Other interesting names I've come across lately...

A candidate for re-election to the sheriff's office: Mr. Crook

A real estate agent: Dick Leike (yes, his last name is pronounced as "like"). His parents have to have known that naming him Richard (which I presume is his actual name) was gonna get interesting comments thrown at him back in school...
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Old 10-11-2019, 06:57 AM
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More stories!

You classified it as whaaaat?
One of my ongoing jobs at the moment involves reviewing how incidents are classified in our incident database. Some people *really* have no idea how to classify an incident properly. Take issues involving food for example. There is an actual classifier for "Food" in the system. Instead, food-related incidents have been classified as everything from a breach of rights, through to an injury, through to a hazard.

You can also give an incident multiple classifiers. Someone didn't check what was actually in the system however, so we have instances where "Body part affected" comes up as both a "main" category and a subcategory. The main category one tends to get used the most. Oy...

Actual Safety Reports Filed At Work:

- Surgeon hit their head on the wall monitor in the theatre (turns out that the surgeon is of above-average height and keeps bonking their head on the monitor in that theatre. For whatever reason though, he won't change theatres. And before you ask, the wall monitor's height is not adjustable and they can't fix it without tearing apart the whole theatre.)

- A used theatre gown was found at a nearby hotel (we do have a couple of hotels just up the road from us - sometimes patients who have long distances to travel will stay there for 1-2 nights post-discharge just in case something goes wrong). Absolutely no clue how it got there.
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