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Offensive content
Old 02-29-2008, 05:50 PM
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Default Offensive content

We get reports from time to time about content of posts - usually derogatory comments made about SCs - that are terms that are offensive to the reporting member. We've discussed this and come up with a general policy about how we're going to deal with it.

As per the Site Rules, we do have two or three words that are not to be used unless reporting someone's quoted words, usually an SCs I would hope. The rest are useable as per the swearing rules. We don't mind the occasional 'F' etc bomb as long as it doesn't become punctuation. The same applies to terms that are very offensive to others. Mostly these comprise the sort of insults that came from medical terminology regarding mental incapacity, and I'm sure you can all provide examples, but I'm just as sure there will be more.

This doesn't mean to say that anyone can say anything they like. If you think a term is offensive and unacceptable for whatever reason, use the report button and explain. We'll keep an eye on the thread and make sure the term doesn't become used excessively. However, with the number of possible insults used, and this is a venting site after all, we cannot prescribe every word. The best we can do as a moderating team is to steer people away from over-use of things we know are affecting other members.

This is the best compromise we can come up with. There are people visiting this site from several continents, and what offends one person is often not considered offensive to others. We'll do what we can.

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