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Game idea : Shadow of Death (forum rpg)
Old 06-18-2013, 10:40 AM
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Default Game idea : Shadow of Death (forum rpg)

Ok since my creativity is rather on the low side right now, this is going to take a long time to get this going but I wanted to put this down before I forgot about it.

Here is the gist of it. There is the Nexus, the point where several dimensions overlap. Normally nothing or nobody can cross through the nexus. It is just a giant void. However, a very unique event has transpired.

Death..has touched the Nexus. It has found a way to walk through the dimensions..and be given form, and it is hungry. It wants to consume everything. In response the .. entity that created the nexus has sent out and grabbed people from space and time which allows them to cross the void between dimensions. Their task is to find a way to do the impossible. To kill death..or at least the incarnation that touched the Nexus.

Characters can literally be anything. Aliens, from the past, from the present, from the future, super powered beings just about anything is possible. There will be limits of course, and all characters will have to be ran by me for the ok.. but expect to cross through just about every possible situation.

Fighting dragons, steampunk, post apocalyptic, traveling through space, encountering aliens, this is crossing dimensions so ANYTHING is possible. Your form might even change, your abilities might even change.. (limited to the current dimension you are in of course, when you leave that dimension you go back to your original form unless the dimension you cross would change you again).

You will encounter the IDP (inter dimensional police) and might even get a chance to join them, but you will not have to if you do not want.

So hold on to your hats it would be a bumpy ride.
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