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Shadow of Death (IC)
Old 06-25-2013, 02:08 AM
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Default Shadow of Death (IC)

It was a bright cloudless day, and Sapputiyok was running late. As xe hurried into the main square, xer senses picked up two very unusual things. On one end of the street was a powerful glow, on the other there seemed to be a 'vacuum' of some sort swallowing energy.

Moments later the 'vacuum' stopped and something xe had never seen before appears out of nowhere. ((Imagine a wolly mammoth that is about 3x the normal size and made out of bone)).

One would think such a sight would send xer people scattering to the four winds, but although they tried to get out of this things way...it was not the panicked reaction xe was expecting.

On the other end of the street the glow was getting a bit brighter. A being that stood about 6'3", had long black hair tied in a pony tail, and sunglasses on just strolled toward the huge beast on the other end.

Just as xe was about to turn down xer power because the stranger was bright, xe heard the figure saying something. "Let the storm howl and the death bell toll" clouds start gathering in from nowhere "transform me now into electra soul" The cloud darkens and it starts to rain rather heavily. "Let lightning strike and thunder roll" The sky lights up with and xe can feel the power in the storm. "For I AM ELECTRA SOUL" A huge bolt of lightning hits the figure, and the power level of the figure spikes really high. Sapputiyok has no choice but to shut off xer sensing power or be blinded.

Where the figure was is another figure. Light blue hair that has electricity flowing through it, same with the eyes. It looks like somebody had taken solid fire and fashioned some sort of breastplate out of it. The figures gauntlets look to be made of solid stone, their boots made of solid water. A 'cape' made of solid air was on the figures back.

The skeletal creature lowered its head and tried to just run over the figure. The figure skids back, slowing the creature but not stopping it. Sapputiyok heard the figure talking seemingly to itself. "Guys...hey guys..I could use some help here. This thing is a LOT bigger then we thought!" A short time passes "What do you mean that it will be thirty minutes before help arrives?! I don't HAVE thirty minutes. I can not stop this thing alone. I have a feeling that electricity is not going to stop a moving bag of bones!"
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