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Sporadic Site Outages Possible Due To Security Upgrades
Old 09-25-2014, 06:59 PM
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Default Sporadic Site Outages Possible Due To Security Upgrades

My apologies, everybody, but these can happen, and without notice, over the coming weeks.

We were not affected by heartbleed, as that required SSL. Since we don't use SSL, that could not affect us.

A new, different exploit, named ShellShock, has come out, though. While it's unlikely to affect us, it could. I'll be applying updates as rapidly as they come out until this is resolved. The current fix, it turns out, is not a complete one.

This will mean that, on occasion, when you visit the site, you're going to be given a notice that the site is down for maintenance. It will, normally, only be for a minute or two, though it could be longer.

There will be no notice that security updates are being applied. It will simply be done, and I will update this thread after the fact. If you happen to get that message, and want to talk to me while it's being applied, please feel free to join me on CS Chat, and I'll answer questions. I am there quite often right now, though it's while I'm working so also frequently idle. Be patient with me please

Thank you for your patience.

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