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About 6 inches
Old 02-14-2019, 08:04 AM
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Default About 6 inches

Before work today, I popped over to the Sonic across the street from The Store to get a breakfast burrito. Because I don't drive, I went to the walk-up order board, which is the same as the drive-up boards, except that instead of taking your order over the intercom, a clerk comes out and talks to you in person. When I got there, there was one person ahead of me, and the clerk came out to ask him for his order, and this happened;

Clerk: What would you like?
C: I just want a chili cheese dog.
Clerk: Do you want the six-inch dog, or the footlong?
C: What's the difference?

The thread title, of course, is the logical answer to that question. I know that most of the world sensibly uses the metric system instead of our outdated and arbitrary system of measurement, but this guy had an American accent and was quite obviously from here. Even if he were Canadian, or from some other English-speaking country, most Anglophones have at least a basic understanding of the fact that a foot equals twelve inches, and twelve is a bigger number than six.

How you survive to adulthood without learning something that gets taught in first grade is beyond me.

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