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Wow i all i can say
Old 06-13-2018, 05:11 PM
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Default Wow i all i can say

Going to keep this vague, for various reasons. I sell online, mainly fashion, on several platforms. I also belong to a number of FB groups relating to them, one where people can post about "bad" customers, experiences etc.

so someone posted something yesterday. One seller had an item for sale. A designer item, but not high high end. Someone else was interested in purchasing said item, and started off ok. Asking reasonable questions as to condition, size and so on.

But then it got weird. She went on endlessly, posting comment after comment (which are all public and not able to be deleted) basically obsessing over said item, and how it was hers, and she was going to notify the selling platform about the sellers poor business practices and so on. While I've never seen the movie, many in my group likened it to Misery. Same idea, she was acting as if the bag WAS hers when in fact, it was not, and she never actually purchased it. My take on it was a cross between Misery, and Glenn CLose in Fatal Attraction. I've never seen anything quite like this and as I have a number of items from this same designer for sale, i blocked her!

But it was kind of scary to see how invested and obsessed she was over this item, and whatnot. But if it had been me, I would have blocked her in an instant!
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