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Old 07-21-2013, 12:11 AM
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://clubset/radbeatz#the pulse

"Relax Kelly. I've got this show all worked out. I could practically run it on auto and sleep through it..." he snickers at an anticipated exasperated stare. "I would never do that to you of course. I have a new song to debut at the end of the show. Call it an encore for the fans." This is as much a statement as a question, but he's fairly certain Kelly will not say no.


Once the sniffer returns its results Noa will work on purging viruses from what systems he can and adding layers of security where possible. She will also fire off messages to her Flow contacts.

Message: You need to plug a hole in your buckets. I've cleaned your place up a bit, but those damn things are spilling water all over the place.

[real-world].[the hub].[Kenstern's Place]

After the show as The Bard...

Noah will send his drone over to Kenstern's place and knock/ring the door bell (or whatever else is appropriate.

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[real-world].[the hub].[hub scrap hideout]|timecode:xxn.
PCs & Allies-- Dani, Kiki, Tyger, Jinchu
Enemies-- Kaschey, two Bratva, two hacked 'bots

In the midst of the chaos, especially once fire started getting thrown around, most of the remaining Hub Scraps had bolted. The surviving Bratva, seeing their towering enforcer being turned into a towering inferno, had largely fled, although two voices could be heard shouting in the Bratva lingo a couple of floors above, and boots were pounding as they came charging down to meet the fight.

Dani's firestorm engulfs Kaschey as he grabs at her, roaring in fury as the heat sears and starts to char and burn even his augmented skin. He is like a force of nature-- one cannot stop an avalanche, or plead for mercy before it.

Of course, with her augs, Dani is not unlike a force of nature herself. Between the pain of the fire burning around him, and then the crushing weight of the floor above collapsing on him, Kaschey is pinned down. Even so, Dani could see the rubble shifting. He was not dead, and was probably working to free himself. At the very least, she had bought herself some time.

Meanwhile, the two remaining bots had indeed freed themselves from the tangle of the silk scarf, the blazing energy blades still sheathing their hands as they cut it apart and then swiveled to face Kiki and Jinchu--

--or rather, where Jinchu had been standing. The Hub Scrap leader had charged toward cover, grabbing a fallen assault rifle in passing, and was now popping off a couple of salvos toward the 'bots. The gun was only armed with standard bullets, which mostly just struck the 'bots chassis and did no damage.

"'Hoy, Toshioto-san!" Jinchu calls out, switching to Xiaglot: "<Keep them distracted for me while I get my sword!>"

And outside, the roaring motor of a really fast motorcycle can be heard approaching...

://clubset/radbeatz#the pulse|timecode:xxn.

"I know you got the skillz, Bard," Kelly sighs. "I'm just worried. There's been some buzz about ... well, infoterrorists or something making some kind of statement tonight during the feed." She flaps a hand dismissively. "The Pulse wanted to shut down the feed, but I convinced them to keep it online. They're working on getting extra security for the show."

She adjusts her hat. "But, that's for me to worry about. I'll go yell at people and make sure everything's set up on the Pulse's end, you just worry about getting the beats ready." She starts to walk away. "Buzz me if you need anything on my end."

And like that, The Bard has all the time he needs to himself, for about five, maybe six hours until he should get back to do the show. Meaning that the man behind The Bard can take care of some other business....

[real-world].[the hub].[kenstern's flat]|timecode:xxn.

Kenstern's flat had a door buzzer. When it is activated, there's a pause, and then an AR screen appears in front of the door. A scrawny man with a mop of frazzled hair and an unshaven chin glares out. "What the frack do you want?" the man, who can probably be assumed to be Kenstern himself, demands. Then he squints at something. "...the fuck is a drone doing here...?" Then his eyes widen further. "I know that tech... that's a Tyr mil-drone!" The AR's visual cuts out, though audio can be heard: "Go away, nobody's home!"
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[real-world].[the hub].[hub scrap hideout].[exterior]|timecode:xxn.

One of the fleeing Bratva saw Tyger. Aw, s***, the delivery man thought as the man ran toward him.
"Off the bike, Comrade! Now!"
"No," Tyger scoffed, and buried his tacti-hawk in the man's lower jaw, severing the jugular and carotid arteries in a hideous spray of blood... just as more people exited the burning edifice.
Tyger looked at this, ripped loose his tacti-hawk and said, loudly, "Well, crap."

((so, who wants to be the lucky ones to witness the mess?))

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Before heading out to Kentern's place, knowing he has time, Noah sets up a program that will allow him to automate the Bard's show and Avatar should he need to become NoaFence when trouble hits. He will also set up a monitoring program for the show that should alert him if trouble hits. (ooc: up to you J2k if the alert works)

[real-world].[the hub].[kenstern's flat]|timecode:xxn.

Noah hits the buzzer again. "I'm not with Tyr..." he says pleadingly. "Please I just want to talk."
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