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When I was a student at LSU, I once went to the library to study. I'd brought along some books that I'd bought at Schoenhof's Foreign Books, in Boston. I was unaware that there were still some security strips in the books I'd bought, and was surprised when I set-off the alarm, as I was leaving.

The bar that you push-open as you're leaving suddenly locks into place when the alarm is set off; I knocked the wind out of myself as my body continued moving forward, and tried to 'fold in two' at bar level, which is about stomach height.

A thorough examination showed that I wasn't vamoosing with library property.
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I am not a thief, so wouldn't have thought about this, but some of the dumbest criminals out there might not have thought of it as well.
I wouldn't worry. There is an entire subreddit dedicated to this anyway. Naturally, store security personell at many places keep a close eye on it in order to spot new trends and methodology to watch out for
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