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the salesman
Old 10-08-2014, 02:57 AM
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Default the salesman

(Found on reddit.)

This teenager moved to Florida, and applied for a job at one of those mega-stores that sells darn near anything. The manager asked whether he had any experience; he replied that he had worked as a vacuum cleaner salesman for a while. "Okay, we'll give you a shot, kid."

The next day, after the teen's first shift, the manager came up to him and asked how many sales he'd had. "One, sir."

"One! Our salesmen are expected to make twenty to thirty sales in one day! And you only made one? ..." The manager went on and on, the teen just stared down at his shoes taking the punishment. The manager noticed this.

"Okay, okay... Well, how much was the sale for?"


"One HUNDRED F -- What did you sell for that much??"

"Well, first I sold the guy some fish hooks. Then he bought a new rod to go with the hooks. I asked what kind of boat he had, and where he was going fishing; he told me, and I said his boat wouldn't work well for that, and that he could go rent one or we had some on special. I sold him a Chriscraft, and since he thought his little Ranger would have trouble pulling it I also took him down to automotive and sold him a Silverado."

"He came in to buy fish hooks and you sold him a boat and a truck??"

"Oh, no, sir. He came in asking for tampons for his wife. I told him, 'dude, your weekend is hosed, you should go fishing.'"
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