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Seriously? Do you not see how busy we are?
Old 06-23-2019, 07:21 AM
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Default Seriously? Do you not see how busy we are?

Look. I get it. When you work in customer service, you are there to serve the customers.

But I think there needs to be at least a little bit of common decency in the customers.

Woman comes to the counter and has half a dozen little items, a medium sized item, and a large sized item. Medium and little are attributed to Sales Person J, large item is attributed to Sales Person O. Here's how it went.

1. Let's put it all through on J's code.

2. Oh, actually, the Large item should really go through on O's code, because he helped me. (NB: the sales person's code has to be loaded at the start, so this necessitated starting over, leaving Large Item off)

3. Oh by the way, I have X discount, how much will that save me? (NB: the discount has to be loaded at the start, so this necessitated starting over)

4. Oh, that isn't much. I also have Y discount, can we see how much that saves me? (Start over)

5. Oh, X discount was a better saving, can we do it that way? (Start over, FINALLY finish, start ringing up Large item)

6. Hmm. That doesn't sound right. Is that even the right Large Item? (Find Sales Person O, wait for five or so tense minutes. Queue is steadily building up)

7. Tinkly laugh, and I bet you want to shake me, I'm being so annoying, you're so patient!


8. Okay, so we did have the right item for Large Item, let's ring it up. Can we use Discount X?

9. Hmm, that doesn't sound like much off. Can we try Discount Y?

10. Well, that is a better discount, but it isn't the price I was quoted. Can we try it not on my credit card?


Seriously, read the room people. If there's no queue, no other customers, feel free to be as complicated as you like. It isn't like we have anything better to do. But when there's a queue of people who are GOING to take it out on us that they had to wait, fucking make your mind up and don't be so goddamn difficult! Because how fucking selfish do you need to be to make a two minute transaction take fifteen minutes while six, seven, eight people are waiting behind you!?
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Old 06-27-2019, 10:27 AM
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Only once have I cracked and actually done this:
I turned to address the line of customers at my register and said, "I'm very sorry. I'm sure he doesn't mean to be so rude to all of you by wasting your time like this,"

Old 06-27-2019, 12:49 PM
Catwoman2965 Catwoman2965 is offline
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This reminds me of when I worked in retail. In my store, we were NOT allowed to tell customers we were closing, that they needed to finish up, so we could ring them up and get them out. NOT at all. We could lock the doors, and sometimes, depending on the manager, start vacuuming

Some people were genuinely apologetic, and didn't realize we had closed, which they found out when we said oh let me go unlock the door to let you out. Others? Would comment over and over about oh, i'm so sorry to keep you here, blah, blah, blah. No, no you aren't because if you actually were, you'd STOP asking for us to bring you this and that, and STOP trying shit on, and actually leave!

Old 06-27-2019, 01:24 PM
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Ugh. Once I had a woman come up and cheerfully say, "You're going to hate me!"

"Haha, of course I won't! What can I do for you?"

She had three huge bags of children's bargain books to return, probably 150+ books. One three separate receipts, all paid for with different credit cards. Bargain books, when rung up, only print the special bargain book code, not title or ISBN. Thank God the books still had their stickers on. I had to go through three long receipts for every book I picked up, then do three separate returns.

It took me an hour and a half.

I called up another coworker to handle customers while I took up a register to do this. And because we changed stations every hour, it fucked up everyone else's schedule for the following hour.

Yeah, I actually did hate her.

Old 06-29-2019, 10:46 PM
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Quoth AnaKhouri View Post
Ugh. Once I had a woman come up and cheerfully say, "You're going to hate me!"

"Haha, of course I won't! What can I do for you?"

She had three huge bags of children's bargain books to return, probably 150+ books.
At that point you set a limit, take a break every 20 minutes or so, or charge her an asshole tax for all the returns. You're losing money after all, not to mention time having to restock it; therefore you should apply that tax or charge a restocking fee.

Old 07-01-2019, 12:22 PM
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Quoth Catwoman2965 View Post
This reminds me of when I worked in retail. In my store, we were NOT allowed to tell customers we were closing
Same thing when I worked at the Boutique Grocery. We could clean up once a customer had left the aisle, though. We had one regular who would make a point of coming in at 5 minutes until close and stay for an hour, though. He knew damn well what our hours were, and just thought he was so EFFing clever x.x
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Old 08-15-2019, 12:45 AM
Rayndel Rayndel is offline
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I had a SM who refused to let us make closing announcements.

Her reasoning was because she hates when stores do that because it feels like they're trying to make her leave.

My reply: They are.

I made the mistake of making the announcement with her in the store once (we were about to have a store meeting after close).

She looked at me and said "That never happens again."

Good thing she opened 99% of the time. >_>
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