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Old 09-10-2019, 05:43 PM
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Quoth Ghel View Post
They put up with it because Goodhair brings in multi-million dollar commercial loans. They don't care much about the loan for less that $5,000 that's chronically past due.
But yet, if you don't collect that money, you are the one who gets in trouble over it.
Quoth earl colby pottinger View Post
We use to have a salesman who made great deals, bring in sales worth 100's of thousands of dollars. It all looked good until our accountant finally had to time to analyst his sales, she found he was giving so many discounts and freebies that those big sales did not equal big profits, in-fact and few accounts we were losing money.
A very good point. If Goodhair really is the wheeler-dealer he claims to be, someone should look into his doings. Something may be fishy there.
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Old 09-10-2019, 07:58 PM
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I'm not defending Goodhair (I would never!) but I doubt there's anything illegal going on. Shady, possibly. Unethical, probably. And there's a large dollop of "good ol' boys club" in the mix.

There's another thing that came up today that goes along with this. One of Goodhair's customers has $7.5 million in loans with the bank. One of their smaller loans is past due $12 because the gal who handles the loan payments is too busy to make sure they get paid. I guess. They're constantly late, and Ted keeps reversing late charges because of their huge loan portfolio. Goodhair doesn't want us "bothering" the owner of the company with a $12 past due amount when he's got hundreds of thousands of dollars going between his accounts on a daily basis. And I get that their monthly payments on most of their loans are each over $10k a month. However, if his employee who is supposed to be taking care of these payments isn't doing her job, shouldn't the owner want to know? Ted finally got their accounts payable person involved and got automatic payments set up for the ones that have regular payment amounts. The loan that's $12 past due doesn't have that option, though, since the payment amount changes each month. And now Ted wants to pass the collection of these loans off to me. Yay.
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