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Bitch be crazy
Old 11-25-2013, 02:16 PM
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Default Bitch be crazy

It's logical, right? If every single time you go to the petrol station, you choose to go during peak time, then you're gonna have to wait. Apparently, it's not obvious to some people, like this SC.

She showed up during the 3:30 - 6:30 rush, when the kids come out of school and the nine to fivers head home and there are always cars queuing round the block and a massive queue out the door in the kiosk. Oh yeah, and don't expect your pump to be activated instantaniously. This SC did. She put the nozzle in the car, then a second later, whipped it out and came to bang on the window. I refuse to bellow thru the window at SCs so I signalled to her to go back to her car. She did.

Then, after another rotation of "put nozzle in, pump isn't instantly authorised, whip it out", she came into the kiosk, ignoring the fact that the queue was out the door, and shrieked at me and my collegue.

"Turn my pump on!"

I replied, "You have to be patient. We're busy at the moment, and it'll take a little while to authorise your pump. Just stay by your car, and it'll be authorised."

SC: "Don't give me that kind of crap! Every fucking time I come here, you ignore me! I always come here at four, and it's always the same!"

So basically, you think that you're so speshul that you can turn up right in the middle of the busy period and get your pump authorised instantly? Suck it, bitch.

What I actually said was, "I'm sorry, but it's very busy and we can't turn your pump on right away cuz there are several other pumps coming on at the exact same time. You have to be patient."

SC: "Screw you!"

Bitch went back to her car, drove out leaving the nozzle on the ground. I had to leave my collegue to man the queue alone while I went outside to retrieve the nozzle that the SC had thrown to the ground, just cuz she was a brat who couldn't be patient. Just like I said in the title...

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