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Old 01-18-2016, 12:59 AM
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Ah, so I guess now would be a good time to start backing up all the strips, huh?

Now I'm kind of glad nobody visits my forum; 'twould explain why the upkeep has been so cheap. XŢ
"IT stands away, interrupting himself from the incessant hammering of the kittens…"

Old 01-18-2016, 01:42 AM
Pedersen Pedersen is offline
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Joined in 2007, been doing something to help out with Site Tech since Sept 2008. One helluva ride.

Thanks, Raps. I appreciate the effort you put in, as well as the trust you gave me.

Old 01-18-2016, 02:11 AM
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Quoth Trixie View Post
I hope things workout somehow. I'd hate to lose this place to vent. Besides I just bought Christmas cards for this year's exchange.
I was thinking about that. Maybe through the Facebook group, if the forum does go away? I don't really go in there, so I don't know how many of the card list regulars are FB group members.
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Old 01-18-2016, 02:11 AM
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Dang. Even though I haven't been active in a dog's age I still love this place. I'm glad I'm friends with a bunch of you on fb because this page and you guys were so here for me.

Old 01-18-2016, 02:31 AM
WishfulSpirit WishfulSpirit is offline
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Do us a favor and find a successor please. For some of us this is the only place that gets us through bad days. It's kept me alive a few times when hubby and I were literally homeless.
"I try to be curious about everything, even things that don't interest me." -Alex Trebek

Old 01-18-2016, 03:27 AM
scorpionf scorpionf is offline
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I remember Raps taking over this place... I cannot believe it has been that long!

Admittedly, I have come and gone a couple of times over the years, but I always returned.

I am sure we will find somewhere else to congregate if this really does become the end of the board

Old 01-18-2016, 03:45 AM
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Quoth Lil Bunny View Post
Dang. Even though I haven't been active in a dog's age I still love this place.

Yeah, same boat here. I've been lurking, just haven't had time with all the absolute chaos erupting at my place, to actually post.

Followers of me on FB can vouch that, yep, it's been...weird.
By popular request....I am now officially the Enemy of Normalcy.

"What is unobtainium? To Seraph, it's a normal client. :P" -- Observant Friend

Old 01-18-2016, 03:49 AM
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Raps, you've done an awesome job. Thanks for it all!

I, too, hope that someone is able to take up the forums and keep them going.
"Enough expository banter. It's time we fight like men. And ladies. And ladies who dress like men. For Gilgamesh...IT'S MORPHING TIME!"
- Gilgamesh, Final Fantasy V

Old 01-18-2016, 05:03 AM
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Quoth alogram View Post
I remember when Raps took over. Seems crazy that I've been here that long. ��
I have been around for like 15 years (around mid 2001) starting with Mr. Slugger, through several hacks and Raps taking over. I know several members were on earlier versions of CS before I found this place back then.

DAMN hopefully this place will survive.
I'm lost without a paddle and headed up SH*T creek.
-- Life Sucks Then You Die.

"I'll believe corp. are people when Texas executes one."

Old 01-18-2016, 05:36 AM
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Quoth smileyeagle1021 View Post
*cough* Facebook CS Group *cough*
It says it's a 'closed group', I clicked on the 'join' button and it says pending. How long usually does take, and since I don't use my real name here but I do on FaceSpace, will the request be rejected?
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