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Shit went sideways last night.
Old 06-30-2020, 11:09 AM
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Default Shit went sideways last night.

Saw this coming a mile away and it finally happened last night.

There is 2 shifts for my department, day and night. Day shift has a nasty habit of taking all the resources that is meant to be spread over both shifts just for them and over the past few weeks they have been taking absolutely everything everydamnday. Specifically people. You can only work a max of 9-10 hours per 24 with 10 in between shifts and no more than 38 in a week storewide. They have been pulling everyone who has an inkling of how to work in our department and maxing their hours out daily during the day. Then they started maxing out their weekly hours by midweek starting a month ago. Yes I understand this is primary a management caused issue but they have been told repeatedly by myself and a few others to leave 1 or 2 available for night but they ignored it. And it hit last night. Not our problem, management has known about the issue but brush it off as a meh issue (eyeroll).

2 people on last night. One slipped a disc earlier that day and called out. The other came into work with no support and everyone already in store had already maxed out their hours due to day shift yet again. I missed the call (light triggered migraine, couldn't come in even if I wanted too) and the one other possibility was out due to an injury. He was on his own and ended up 30 totes short so left it for day shift to sort after his shift. Day shift cracked the shits, refused to do them as it was night shifts job, closed it out 30 totes short and sent it on its way. Biiiig nono as they has 2 hours to fill them but no matter how much I've pushed for a worst case scenario what to do list it has never materialized so people flounder when it happens. Can't blame us for that. All our department is overstretched and overworked constantly already.
Wonder how this is going to go down. This has happened to myself aprox 6 months ago prior but our manager came in but they were on holiday this time.

I warned them this will happen again, especially with days taking all available personnel constantly. We finally managed to wrangle some sense into upper management that we need more cross training across departments but they only implemented it a month ago and placed no use restrictions or cross checked with rosters to make sure the cross trained people were also available with both day and night. They left it at luck of the draw. Sigh. Dept wars at it finest.

I'm probably going to get bitched at for not coming in but even if this was an on call position they know Mon to Wed I'm not available anyway unless pre requested.

This proves to me even more that common sense is rare superpower, especially here at work. The declaration 'the stupid, it burns' has never rung more true than right now.
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Old 07-02-2020, 02:56 AM
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Quoth Zaiida View Post
Can't blame us for that.

Yeah. Riiiight.
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