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This week's creepy criminal candidate...
Old 05-02-2020, 08:48 PM
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Default This week's creepy criminal candidate...

Mr. J was sentenced to 12 months for indecent exposure after walking home from a town centre pub with see-through trousers and no underwear. This was not just a badly-thought out prank as Mr. J had served 2 years for delivering parcels whilst wearing jeans with a hole cut out in the crotch When he was arrested, Mr. J told the police who stopped him 'You can't arrest me, I'm Mr. Inappropriate'
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Old 05-04-2020, 02:12 AM
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And the kindly police officer said "How do you spell that?" as he/she wrote down the details and reached for the handcuffs ....
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Old 05-08-2020, 07:19 AM
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Obviously this guy is a sicko and I'm not trying to justify or praise his actions, but that's a pretty killer one-liner. It reminds me of a story the Store Manager told me a few years ago about a shoplifter who pulled a Taser on him when he and LP tried to stop him, and the guy said "You better back off, or shit's about to get electric."
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