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Lupo - Room 630

The Bacchae was able to withstand strikes from a mortal, but now she's taking strikes from a Scion, one just coming into his power, which is being enhanced by divine cesti. The wind is driven from her lithe body, and after a flurry of strikes and a final uppercut to her jaw, the Bacchae is knocked out cold, and missing a few sharpened teeth.

Meanwhile, Paul Brighton has managed to loop a length of his chain around the last Bacchae's throat, tightening it and then letting the divine sunfire surge through the links. The Bacchae gives a choked wail before being reduced to ash. Coughing and rubbing his throat where the she-creature had been choking him, Brighton looks to Lupo and blinks. "Looks like your Father spoke to you," he says, nodding to the cesti. "You'll probably hear from him again soon, when he'll give you something like this." He holds up a hand, where Lupo will now notice the gold ring on his middle finger, embossed with a sun symbol. "A focus item. Weapons are one thing, but a focus item like this lets you channel more of your new abilities."

Kiki - Outside Room 510

At Kiki's outburst, Anna's eyes suddenly snapped to look... well, not quite at her, but in her general direction. The other Scion's eyes narrow slightly, and then there's a shimmer of silvery light to her eyes, and then they track straight at her. "Oh," she says. "There you are. Okay, calm down, hon, and ... well, try letting yourself be seen."

A slight tuning of her willpower will enable Kiki to be seen, and once she does so, Anna nods. "Okay, I'll explain. Let me guess: you just heard a voice in your head? Don't panic, that was your Mother, Iris. And that," here she points at the pendant, "is what we call a focus item. We're only part-divine, us Scions, so not all of our special abilities work properly unless we have one. Unless I miss my guess, that pendant of yours lets you turn yourself invisible."

Riley - Room 714

Holtzman shrugs. "A lot of us have the same kind of reaction, at first," he says with a rueful smile. "But it only works on items of a divine or supernatural nature, and only if they've been attuned to you." He spreads his hands. "So hiding your wallet there to keep it safe from thieves wouldn't work."

Then he smiles a bit. "Well, you heard from your Father, I trust. Now you're almost a full-fledged Scion. Once you get a focus item from your Father-- which probably won't be too long-- you'll be able to tap into more of the abilities you've inherited from Him."

He checks his phone. "For now, though, you go ahead and prep for the poker tournament, but ... well, keep your eyes open. The Titans have agents in play somewhere in the area, judging from what I heard from our resident intel-broker. The draugr are a definite clue. I'll do some sniffing around, myself. But for now, don't let on that you're any different. You're freshly Awakened, so you won't trip their radar unless you overtly display any sign of it."

Liam - That Museum

Mac Dubh smiles a bit at Liam's initial reaction to suddenly receiving a weapon and hearing a voice in his head. "Aye, that's about normal fer the newbies," he agrees. When Liam stammers out who his Mother is, however, even Mac looks surprised. "Yer feckin' WHAT?" He looks taken aback, and then taps his forehead with a knuckle and gives a slight bow. "Honored ta meet ye, then, O'Keefe. Yer Mam doesna have many children, and them as She does, they usually have great destinies."

He strokes his beard a bit. "Right, then. She hasn't given ye yer focus item yet-- it's like a wee geegaw or something, lets ye use yer 'superpowers' better. Won't be long till She does, I think. Meantime, I'll keep me eyes peeled ta find out where the Fomori are hidin'. You, you keep yer eyes open around the hotel. I think whatever's gonna happen, 's gonna happen there. Just... ye'll feel when something's wrong. Trust me."
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