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Around Vegas
Emmett takes his free time to relax, read a book, get a nap or two in and eventually picks up the phone and dials some time in the evening.

The voice on the other end sounds bleary and tired, "'ello"

"Kevin, sorry, did I wake you?"

The voice on the other end perks up a bit, "EJ?! What are you doing up so late?"

"Sorry, the time difference. I'm in Vegas on a job." He takes a sip glass of scotch.

"And you just felt the need to call me at one in the morning?"

"Yeah... look things are getting weird around... well everywhere."


"Look, you know how I get bad feelings sometimes, and they come true. Well I have one of those right now, at like DEFCON 1. Just keep your head down man. Something bad is coming, and I don't know what."

"EJ we've been through a lot together, and I respect you. Danger comes with the job. Look, you know me, I'm always careful.... get some sleep and stop worrying about things you can't change. You don't have to police the whole world."

Emmett nods, a stupid gesture he thinks to himself since Kevin can't see it, "Ok... yeah. Look say hi to Becky for me and tell her I'm sorry for bugging you guys." The line clicks in answer. Emmett can imagine Kevin's wife, and his former fiance, arguing with one another. The fact that all three of them had remained friends was a testament to their relationship and mutual like of one another. Things hadn't always been good, but mostly at Kevin's insistence they had always been their to at least listen when the world didn't make sense.

Elsewhere in Vegas, probably at a few of the same cheap Casinos as everyone's favorite (mostly) Aesir, the Monkey Princess spends her time slamming back drinks and picking a pocket or two for some gambling money which she manages to blow on more drinks and playing really badly at black jack.

Late into the evening she decides she's had enough gambling and decides to find a dive. This of course with the way things have been is an exceedingly bad idea. At the bar someone makes some off handed comments about her looking like a slut or some such, but Fi is too drunk to tell exactly. A few slurred words and a punching of the wrong guy later the bar is in a full on brawl. Which ends the way most brawls do, with her out on her ass and in cuffs.

The following morning, round about the time Aiden is showing up at Johnny's room as fate would have it, the phone rings. (assuming someone picks up) Fi is on the other end, "I need someone to come pick me up... I don't have any money for a cab and the cops are being stingy bastards." Whomever picks up and is familiar with such would recognize the tinge of a hangover in her voice.

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Jack's decision to get out of town early means that he gets to miss a lot of the excitement. It also means that he's well outside of town when the rest of the team gets together.

As Fate would have it, Solomon is already on hand at the police station, and he collects the Monkey Princess. "Come on, Fi, we gotta go..." Words are exchanged with the police, but when the Aussie flashes some form of identification at them-- Fiona might just recognize it as resembling an FBI packet (albeit a fake)-- they grumble and let her go without complaint. He gives a smile as he signs the release forms. "Fi, I know you, I knew you were gonna get your arse locked up for causin' trouble again."

A taxi isn't necessary, as Solomon is driving. He tosses her a cell phone. "Dunno what is happenin', Fi, but if you know anyone in town and care about them, you'd best tell them to get their arses out of Vegas... Summer's gone and her Cafe's shut."

Altogether Now - At Johnny's Room

Johnny needs no waking, as Aiden's arrival (followed shortly by Fi and Sol, and presumably Emmett as well) comes as he's throwing the last of his things into a suitcase. Selene is there as well, hurriedly typing on her laptop. "Glad you could all make it," Johnny says breathlessly as he darts through the suite, filching a few things from the hotel as well. "Whatever the Jotunhammer is, it's coming soon--"

"By Ra's Light," Selene suddenly gasps. "I know what it is..."

She drops her laptop on the counter and grabs the remote for the big-screen TV on the wall. She flips it on and toggles it over to the nearest news station.

"--eports are just coming in from NASA, and again, it appears as though an asteroid is on the verge of entering Earth's orbit. About an hour ago, the asteroid came out from behind the radar shadow of the moon, and is still moving quickly. Authorities are urging that everyone remain calm, but have not specified any information on the projected impact site--" The news-anchor pauses, listening to something over his earpiece, and his face goes ashen. He says more gravely, "We are receiving new reports now from our correspondents at NASA, and this has been confirmed by the White House. The projected impact zone for the asteroid is somewhere in the western United States. They are saying it could hit anywhere between Montana and New Mexico, and as far east as the Rocky Mountains. The-- At this time, we urge everyone to remain calm, stay tuned to the local emergency bands in your area, if you are within that impact zone..."

The news report continues in that vein, with a map of the southwestern US showing some worrying concentric circles. Selene, Solomon, and Johnny all look at this, then at each other, then at the rest of the band. "I think we know where it's going to hit," Johnny croaks. "Solomon, do you--"

"The Armory and Wardrobe won't protect us from something like that," the Sobek-kin says with a shake of his head. "Ditto the holding cells where I stashed that oni from the other night and kept Luke until I could get him to Divine med care. And they'll have evac'd him by now."

"We should get to the Luxor," Selene says. "With all the Egyptian themed decor, it serves as a touchstone to our Divinity. We can get to a more secure place off of Earth from there."

"Might be tricky, though," Solomon points out. "Not everyone here is from our Divinity. They might take Johnny-- I know Da's a fan of his movies-- but Aiden and Fi would get left in the lurch. I dunno that Da would accept them through, even on my say-so."

"Ditto my Father," Selene adds. "He barely even pulls strings for his children, and especially not for the one who likes computers more than hard copy."

Johnny grimaces. "There's got to be more than one touchstone around here that they can use."

The rest of the gang should be more or less aware of "touchstones." There are any number of supernatural locales that are not accessible to the mundane world in normal circumstances. Some of these places are accessible through such "touchstones." The touchstones resonate with the locale in question. Aspects of Thoth's Great Library can be found by going deep into grand libraries, like the New York City Public Library. There is a locale called The Great Henge, which resonates with any and all standing stones. And so on.

"Selene, do you know of any for the Aesir or Bureaucracy?" Johnny asks.

// Annnnd tag time! There is a bit of a deadline on Getting the Fuck Out of Town, but you've got juuuust enough time to get yourselves out. Ain't no way to stop the Jotunhammer from dropping.
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