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All this over a dent in a car.
Old 09-28-2019, 07:26 PM
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Default All this over a dent in a car.

This happened about three days ago. I'm a lot associate, which means I get to return carts customers leave in the lot to the store entrance. We actually share a building with another store and there are usually a few carts in the lot for that store SC1 yells at me that I need to be careful with the carts. He points to one of the carts that touched a car and there is a small dent on it. I'm usually very careful about making sure the carts don't hit cars (because of nutcases like him) so I explain that it wasn't me.

SC1: "Oh yes it was, I saw you. He (points to SC2) got in on video"
SC2 is pointing his camera phone at me.

I then remember moving the cart from one parking space to another. What probably happened was that the wind blew it and it hit the car. Partly my fault, but what ever, I'm only human it's just a little dent. But these assholes won't let it go. They start ranting about how expensive these cars are and how careless I was. One of them then tells me that I need to go find the owner to make things right.

Yeah, you heard that right. It wasn't even their car that was dented and they're making a scene over this. Nope. Screw it. I'm out of there. I go back to the main store lot for the next hour and never see or hear from those guys. I was worried they'd complain to the management of my store, but I haven't heard anything and the one guy I told about this incident said I shouldn't worry.
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Old 09-28-2019, 09:52 PM
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Strange SJWs get up to strange antics. They don't actually DO anything, or help anything, but feel their job is to point out what someone ELSE did wrong, usually in an aggressive, sucky manner. But, hey, they're "helping"... somehow, or at least that's the dialog in their own little heads.

As to what the video shows... Oh noes, the wind and gravity took control of something that wasn't being actively controlled by a human at the time.
What the video DOESN'T show is an act of malice or premeditation. If you had admitted to some fault, they would have had further ammunition to "help" you find a new job, pay damages, etc.
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Old 09-28-2019, 11:19 PM
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The person at fault in this incident is the asshat that left the cart in a random spot in the first place, rather than returning it to the store or cart carrell. You are only one person and you can't handle every cart throughout a whole parking lot. You did your best but shit happened beyond your control. If the asshat that put it there in the first place did the responsible thing, this wouldn't have been an issue for you.
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