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So you guys will continue to correspond with me when I go to jail, will you ...
Old 10-02-2019, 10:19 PM
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Default So you guys will continue to correspond with me when I go to jail, will you ...

Background: the final instalment of my mother's estate was disbursed a week or two ago. No, I can't retire and move to the UK but it's enough to permit me to do some HUGE damage to a number of small debts, which will ultimately allow me to focus on the one big one.

Student loan.

I want to make these payments online, of course.

So I call up Canada Revenue to make sure my payment there will go to the right place.

"Your expected wait time is 40 minutes.*

*sigh* Okay, well this is not surprising. I spent the time more or less watching videos on YouTube and playing games on my iPad (I say "more or less watching) because I had to keep one ear tuned to the phone so I didn't miss when somebody on the other end actually picked up ...)

Finally get that dealt with. ("Hi, this is Pixelated! I want to give you guys some money!" SILENCE. I think I broke a CRA staffer ...)

Wooho! On to the next.

Student loan.

I have an application in for further deferment but meanwhile I owe approximately $200 (long story) before said application can be considered. So I am calling them for the same reason: ensure the money goes to where it's supposed to.

Repeated attempts to dial their toll-free number get me through the system to the point where I am asked for my SIN. Number. Repeatedly, I then get a recorded voice saying "Sorry, we are having technical difficulties; call back later" following by an automatic hangup.

I made probably a dozen attempts over a three-hour period trying to get through. On two occasions I went to their website and tried to send them an email regarding the problem.

Guess what? Email didn't go through. "Technical difficulties."

Now, as with most government agencies, when you dial the number, you get maybe a dozen options. You know the kind: "Press 1 for ...." I had been using the option of a student finished with school but who still had a student loan in repayment.

I finally decided to pretend I was a continuing student, or going-back-to-school student, or pretty much anything else.


Not that it mattered much, because the connection was lousy and she didn't seem to be really listening to what I was saying. But as far as I can tell, yes, I was sending the payment to the correct address. I will call back in a couple of days -- gods help me -- and confirm that it arrived.

I also tried to tell her about the contact problems, telephone AND email, but she wasn't even remotely interested.

One of the main reasons I want to win the lottery now is so I can pay this loan off in one fell swoop and never have to deal with these people again.

The alternative being to drive up to their building and run my poor Pontiac Vibe through their front doors.
Customer service: More efficient than a Dementor's kiss
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