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Training WTF
Old 01-31-2019, 08:57 AM
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Default Training WTF

My SO recently got a new role at his work - he was a systems administrator for a webhosting company, he's now doing something more operations focused. Naturally, his company has opted to put him through a short-training course to fill in a few gaps of his knowledge.

We are listening to the training videos at the moment - the first two videos are basically "This is a network," followed shortly by "this is how a network works." As in, this is VERY basic stuff that he would've needed to know before he even got to the Sysadmin job. Unfortunately these videos are required before he gets to the actual training stuff.

I had to clarify whether or not his work set this up for him or not - he confirmed that it wasn't, it's from a third-party vendor that provide these programs for EVERYONE.

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