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Referred here by an existing member...
Old 01-07-2013, 04:15 AM
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Default Referred here by an existing member...

I'm a refugee from a dying forum... one where I used to get Low-T-- err, I mean, Argabarga's "Tow Files" on a regular basis... he informed me of his other home, here, where he is still posting his stories, so I had to make the move... I needed my fix :P

As for me and where I work... uh... I certainly have stories, but I would be hesitant to post any specific ones here...

I work for a government agency, at a secure complex... it's hard to be anonymous when I'm one of only eight people in this current occupation in the entire county, even if only referring to it by the vaguest descriptions possible...

So, I'm coming for the Tow Files, will probably stay for other stories. Nice to meet everyone!

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