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The CS Glossary
Old 01-27-2008, 02:53 PM
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Default The CS Glossary

With many thanks to the following members:
NightAngel, Irving Patrick Freleigh, sms001, DGoddess, ThePhoneGoddess, pyxee, XCashier, BookstoreEscapee, Juwl, ParkingWitch, tropicsgoddess, Kiwi, Rapscallion, IvorTangrean, hauntedheadnc, fireheart17, Mytical, CuteDolphin

If anyone thinks of some that aren't on this list, just PM me with them. Additionally, if you see a term used on the site and you have been wondering what it means, PM me and I will add the definition to the list.

!!!eleventy!! = An expression of exaggeration representing someone banging on the '!' and letting go of shift in their frenzy 'omg!11!!!111!!!!1'.

AAMOF = As a Matter of Fact
ACSM = Assistant Customer Service Manager
AFAIK = As far as I know
AFK = Away from keyboard
AM = Assistant Manager. Sometimes known as the ‘Assman'.
Assman = Assistant Manager

Beloved Asshole (or BA) = Refers to the one coworker who is stupid, obnoxious and incompetent...and yet manages to stay employed and popular amongst his/her coworkers. (Referenced here)
Beloved Asshole Syndrome (or BAS) = The syndrome in that the BA gets to keep his/her job, or even gets promoted, while better employees get canned for the slightest reason.
BFBVFS = Big Fiery Ball Visible From Space
BFE = Bum F*** Egypt – a very remote, hole in the wall place to live
BFF = best friend forever
BIL = Brother-in-law
BLS = Be Less Stupid
BOFH = Bastard Operator From Hell
BTDT = Been there, done that
BTW = By the way

Cat Butt Face = The puckered, sour expression SCs get when they're called on their shenanigans or otherwise don't get their way.
CBF = Cat Butt Face (See above.)
CBFH = Carryout Boy From Hades, aka Irving Patrick Freleigh's new nickname for Numbnuts, because he got sick of calling him Numbnuts all the time
CODE ADAM = an overhead announcement concerning a child lost in the store. Usually used in malls and very large big box stores, when the employees can’t complete a search in just a few minutes
Co-Irker = Co-workers who annoy you
CSSM = Customer Service & Sales Manager
CSM= Customer Service Manager
CSR = Customer Service Representative
CW = Co-worker

DD = Darling daughter
Dealershit = a portmanteau the word dealership and shit. (adjective). A car dealership of ill repute for service,sales and/or employment.
DH = Darling hubby
DL = District Leader (same as District Manager)
DM = District Manager or in some cases, Department Manager
DSD = Direct Store Delivery

ETA = Edited to add
EW = Entitlement whore. Someone who thinks they are entitled to all sorts of unreasonable things because they are the all-important 'customer', and throws a fit when they don’t get them. Can be used for either gender

FAM = Field Assistant Manager
FEM = Front End Manager
FES = Front End Supervisor, in other words, a manager over cashiers (usually) who knows how to run registers, and can make change for cashiers, and is usually in charge of closing down registers at the end of the night.
FIL = Father in law
Float = Money in the cash tray at the beginning of the shift. Also, possibly a Pallet Lifter?
FTW = For the Win
FWIW = For what it’s worth
FUBAR = Fucked Up Beyond All Repairs

GM = General Manager (usually the same as a District Manager)
GSR = Guest Service Representative (same as CSR)
GUI = Graphical User Interface

HBA = Health & Beauty Aids
HR = Human Resources

IANAL = I Am Not A Lawyer
Ibuprofen = Sold generically by it's own name or brand names such as Advil and Motrin bottles of it can be found hidden in most retail establishments for use by those employed there. This pain killer is frequently used to combat the headaches (and backaches) associated with retail work.
These headaches are frequently caused by (but not limited to)- SC's, insanely stupid questions asked by the general public, angry bosses, mouthy co-workers and Christmas music that begins in July and repeats through January.
Standard dosage: 2- 200mg tablets
Prescription Strength: 800mg (that's 4- 200mg tablets for those bad at math).
Consult your doctor before use.
ID-TEN-T error = Used to describe a really stupid mistake. Spoken out loud as written, but when actually written out, it’s self-explanatory (ID10T)
IIRC = If I remember correctly
IMHO = In my humble opinion
IMO = In my opinion
IOW = In other words
IRL = In real life

JK = Just kidding


LP = Loss Prevention

M3C = "My 3 Cents" - Basically another consumer review site where people can write in letters to various companies. Another breeding ground for suckiness.
Manifest = A listing off the all items coming in on a truck
MIL = Mother in law
MOD = Manager On Duty
Moron tax = A moron tax is a mostly imaginary (but not always) tax placed on a transaction for people who are annoying, abusive, exceptionally stupid, EWs, or just plain nasty to deal with.

NCNS = No Call No Show. When an employee doesn’t show up for their shift and doesn’t bother to call in either, causing the other employees to wish many painful deaths upon him/her
NSFW = Not safe for work
NGS = Nice Guy/Girl Syndrome - Somebody who always looks for the best in people, and trusts them until given a reason not to has NGS.
NWIWLF = Not What I Was Looking For

OMG = Oh my God
OMG!!!eleventy!! (also) "omg!!!eleventy!!" = A commonly used mockery of 1337 talkers, derived from the over-use of exclamation marks after a declaration. (See "!!!eleventy!!" above)
OP = Original Post(er)
OT = Off Topic
OTOH = On the other hand

PD = Payroll Department
PEBCAK = Problem exists between keyb oard and chair. (Meaning the problem is not with the computer, but with the person using it.)
PFB = "Planet FeedBack" - A consumer advocacy website where customers can give feedback to companies by writing letters, and the membership can provide feedback on the letter if the writer chooses to make it public. A perfect breeding ground for suckiness.
PICNIC = Problem In Chair, Not In Computer - See also "PEBCAK" and "ID10T"
Plan-O-Gram! = A "map" of how/where merchandise and displays are supposed to be put. A document that outlines where each item is supposed to be placed on the shelf. Ours divide the shelving gondolas into 4-foot sections, the heights at which shelves should be placed, whether shelves should be put in straight or sloped, where peghooks should be placed for hanging product, and such
Pull tag = What we use to sell furniture instead of placing the boxed product on the salesfloor. We build displays of all the furniture and other bulky items we have in stock, and place pull tags with each display that customers take to the registers when they purchase these items. The cashier then calls somebody to carry the merchandise out to the customer's vehicle.
Pull tag audit = What I do every Monday morning. Basically making sure the number of pull tags on the floor for each item matches the quantity of that item we have in backstock.


Returns = a term used in retail stores for items returned or exchanged at the customer service desk, which have to be put back on the shelves at the end of the day
RL = Real life
RM = Regional Manager (also used for Risk Management)
RTFM = Read the fecking manual. Mostly used by jaded computer techs.

SC = Sucky customer, of course! Also ‘stupid customer’
SD = Store Director (same as Store Manager)
Secret shopper (or mystery shopper) = A person who visits a store on a regular basis, in the guise of a regular customer, to rate the store on criteria such as cleanliness, employee helpfulness and courtesy, whether policies are being followed, etc
SIL = Sister-in-law
SL = Shift Leader
SM = Store Manager
SOT = Slightly Off Topic
STS = Shiny Things Syndrome - Imagine walking into a room with a thousand tv's all with different shows, and each is a different show you like. You can focus on one..but if another has something interesting then it is "OOOO shiny!!!"

TSD = Training Store Director (same as Training Store Manager)
TSM = Training Store Manager


VBT = Very Bad Thing
VBS = Vinegar Boy Syndrome (when a poster tries to inflate their tale with enough manure to fertilize a few acres, just to gain acclaim from the good members of the board, all in hopes of becoming as famous as that tale.)
VP = Vice President

WTF? = What the feck? (Also de-abbreviated as Whiskey Tango Foxtrot) What The F***?

Too tired of living and too tired to end it. What a conundrum.

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