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and why should I take a loss for your poor planning?
Old 03-05-2021, 01:48 AM
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Default and why should I take a loss for your poor planning?

Cust just has to have this APX pistol. Not alot out there but if your 1/2 net savy their out there.
He gets it from some shop on the other side of the country.
I get this after he finds me in an FFL finder and wants to know if I can receive it and do the paperwork as req. Sure.. added issue is he's mostly a resident in the next state who is a pain to get pistols in. Now he does have a house in this state so with the correct proof he can buy here but has to keep it here.
He's one of "those guys" who tends to tell you what we are going to do for him in the 3rd person. From a large former Soviet republic. Big hurry with shipping updates, lot of did I get it ..oh I see no. (then why the fuck are you bugging me)
I finally get it, he takes his sweet time picking it up. *sigh whatever*
Get here tonight..I start my pimping and he stops me cold..do I resale? Yea I'm a dealer.
Oh he bought a 2nd pistol and does not what this now.

He paid the shop not me. Would I take it? meh, I need guns to stock but even in this market demand for this one is soft I would not order it. So I check my $ from a dist and it's $75 less than he paid plus shipping. So to be nice I offer $25 under. He takes it.
-the suck
He asks do I have some ammo?
No I fill orders but don't keep any sitting. ok I do have one box of 9mm that am offering with a pistol.
I offer it at cost for $25.
He starts going on about how I should just give it to him the cause of his "loss" on the pistol.
I'm like dude I sell this for $35- I'm offering for cost. I did you a favor whipping out cash for a pistol I didn't order.
He keeps arguing till I simply state give me $20, do the paperwork and your welcome to take the APX with you, not my fault and I'm not taking a loss cause you couldn't wait. I'm not going to really make anything on this pistol and I should have offered you $50 less.
Finally, he got it, took the ammo, and asked for me to look for some other hard to get the pistol. Yea...I don't think that will ever get aval. At least not w/o full upfront payment.
So guess I'll pimp this out tomorrow.
Sarcasm dear, sarcasm. Iím well aware that dealing with civilians in any capacity will skin your faith in humanity alive, then pickle anything that remains so as to watch it shrivel up into an immortal husk thus reminding you of how dead inside you now are.
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