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Huh. Interestin' looking place...
Old 05-28-2010, 02:28 AM
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Default Huh. Interestin' looking place...

...although the fact that between y'all and Not Always Right, my illusions that I've managed to draw at least some of the stupid away from the people who wouldn't be able to take it have been completely shattered.

My friend superhotelworker shot me a link for this place a few nights ago, and it looked interesting, so here I am.

So, I've been unemployed for about fifteen months (lesson learned; if your tenant is hired as your immediate supervisor, it's time to get a new job), but -before- that, I managed to pull a glorious five years or so of food service related work, running the gamut from dishwashing, to cashiering, to front-of-house custodial work.

Oh, and the Moscow I live in is in Idaho, in a major farming region known as the Palouse. I'm not from Russia, dammit...

Sorry, too many people have commented on my having excellent English skills for a Russian and whatnot; drives a Minion crazy.

Anyway, I look forward to enjoying more of the comedy I've seen thus far.

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