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Keno lady karma
Old 07-18-2020, 09:30 AM
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Default Keno lady karma

So we have this lady who is so ridiculously self-entitled and snotty that is is to my great great pleasure she finally got what was coming to her.

She likes to come in 5 to close with a big big stack of keno tickets. Iím talking hundreds of dollars worth... about two inches thick. Well as of covid you now have to self-check your tickets and then hand only the winning tickets to the supervisor so as to minimize contact between people and to keep lines moving.

So we repeat to her the policy as she hands us the wad of tickets to confirm and lo and behold there comes a not-a-winner. So we hand her the wad back and tell her to use the self-check (yet again). But hereís the kicker the self-check closes automatically at our store as soon as 10 hits. Thatís not in our control. So 10 hits and sheís only a few tickets in. And she tries to hand them all to us (including the ones she couldnít get to in time) and we can refuse to take them (HO doesnít care as the money goes to BC lotto and not to them.) because covid.

No we canít check them on our machine.

Because covid

Well we open at 7 for seniors, 8 for everyone else...

Well thereís nothing we can do. No you canít buy more tickets because we are closed.

No you canít stay as long as you want. We canít have customers after 10 after because we canít use the chemicals we do around people without PPE gear. Itís a safety/legal thing. We also are trying to keep exposure to customers to a minimum.

You can stay if you want but you will get fined if you are still here when the cops show up.

Yes. Thereís actual legally enforced rules in place right now. Yep, itís about a $300 fine. Have fun with that....
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Old 07-20-2020, 10:01 AM
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This is quite possibly the only good thing about this entire pandemic nightmare. Being able to effectively tell customers to F$£^ off with a smile and not get in trouble for it. My sister (who works in a supermarket) is rather enjoying being able to tell people that if they don't follow the rules, they will not be served.
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