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4 in a day
Old 11-05-2019, 03:34 PM
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Default 4 in a day

A week ago, I had an interesting day where I had four SC encounters.

Fire Marshall

So I'm out on the lot doing my usual duties when I cross paths with a pissed off looking man.

SC: Do you work here?
Me: Yes.
SC: *angerly points to 2 cars parked in the tool rental* GET THEM TO MOVE NOW!!

He then starts ranting about how we are losing thousands of dollars in sales.

He goes into the store, apparently causing a huge scene, and then storms back out minutes later, continuing his tirade. He says something about a fire marshall and then points to his hat which has a competitors name on it.


I think he thought they were in violation of some fire code (too close to a fire lane or something). However, people park there all the time and no upper management has done or even said anything.

How dare I have to move a cart to park where I want to!

So I'm back at the other end of the store and am bringing carts back. I'm heading over to a couple of carts that were left in a spot where these guys are trying to park. One of the guys, who's making a scene in his car, gets out and moves the carts himself and then when I get there seconds later, he goes off on me.

SC: Why are there carts here?! I thought you were supposed to be all about the customer!!

Once again, I have no idea why the hell he was yelling at me when it was probably another customer that left it there. Or why this is even a big deal to begin with.

Backseat loader

So I get a loading call. The guy I'm helping load is some short guy (SG) who's obviously struggling with the plywood we're loading into his truck. Out of nowhere comes backseat loader (BL), some twat who starts telling me how to load without lifting a finger to help. He just critiques the situation about how I'm loading wrong and that I should get someone else to help me. Despite this, we still get the plywood in. And then I see BL get into SGs truck with him as they drive off.

Yeah, that's right, he wasn't some random third party, he was actually with SG the whole time. He looked like he was more than capable of helping us lift them, but instead just chooses to criticize the people doing the work.

Even though he never raised his voice, he annoyed me the most of all of these guys.

Parking Pettiness

This last one kind of amusing, but it could have easily lead to some suckiness. I get another guy complaining about to me about the way someone else is parked in one of the loading areas. This is actually a common problem. People park like idiots all the time. Either people park so others can't get in or park so others can't get out. In this instance, the customers couldn't get in. I'm about to go inside the store to see if they can be paged, but then his partner decides to be an even bigger douchebag and announces that he's going to get his car from the lot to park in a way so that the other customers can't get out. Fortunately, by the time the other customers get back to their car, they have finished loading and head out a minute later.

Old 11-07-2019, 12:18 PM
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These are the Speshul Sneuxflaykes I want to hit with an industrial strength heat gun. (Kind of a hair dryer/Godzilla mix)
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Old 11-09-2019, 03:12 PM
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"Why are there carts here?! I thought you were supposed to be all about the customer!!"

"They're here because customers don't like to carry everything in their hands, sir." and because lazy shits like you leave them wherever they please
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