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Oops ...
Old 02-23-2020, 05:29 AM
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Default Oops ...

I got to work the other day and noticed two six-ounce cans sitting on the counter near the registers. I went over to look; one was chicken and the other turkey. There was a note under them, advising that a cashier had accepted them as returns.

One expired in 2016.

The other in 2015.

Thank goodness that the cashiers at the registers are not allowed to accept returns; the only exception to this is whoever is the cashier in the smoke shop (ALL returns and exchanges go through that cashier -- except for clothing, which goes through our [Signature Clothing Line] desk).

But I felt badly for whoever got caught. There is never more than one person in the smoke shop and it can get frantic. They are between the two sets of doors so, unlike the rest of us cashiers, the supervisors are almost never within easy reach, never mind line of sight.
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