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In which CS finds my soulmate...
Old 09-10-2018, 06:09 PM
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Default In which CS finds my soulmate...

So that was a strange dream,but a rather nice one.

As it's soon my 40th birthday,I wanted to travel and put a little thread up here asking if anyone wanted a visitor for a while as I passed by.One of you happy people agreed and I ended up coming to the US to stay.The daughter was home for the summer and as soon as we met,it was *wham!* and we were inseparable for the rest of the summer.We just knew we were meant to be together.

I can still remember all the details about our journey-even the layout of the house is seared into my memory.

*On the bus there,we all had to hunker down and take cover from a tornado alert.
*The house was in a small town between a church and a fish shop with a weird name-Fill A Fish.
*The house itself was strange-there were several different levels with steps and she had her own little separate room at the back of the house.
*She must have been about 18-19 as she was home from college.Petite,short brunette hair and always seemed to wear black.The name Cat rings a bell although I can't remember if that was her name or just what she looked like....

It was a lovely time,know my soulmate's out there somewhere..perhaps this is pointing me to her....
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