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Old 09-17-2018, 08:19 PM
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Quoth catcul View Post
Hello, police? I'd like to report a big, bright ball in the sky.
You forgot about sunscreen, didn't you?
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Even though it's an island right now, the Waffle House in Wilmington, NC is still open.

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Old 09-17-2018, 10:29 PM
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Quoth greek_jester View Post
I'm afraid you need to remove the from the URL before anyone can go directly to the article.

I caught that last night and fixed it. Sometimes it's hard to type when I have "feline supervision."

Quoth catcul View Post
Hello, police? I'd like to report a big, bright ball in the sky.
It's yellow and round and blinding me with SCIENCE. Ya'll need to come arrest it for indecent exposure!

Today wasn't bad getting to work like the news media made it out to be . . . I thought I'd have to make a couple of detours just to get to work (part of Cone Blvd was reported as closed off due to flooding) but surprisingly that section was clear when Mom and I cruised through around 6:45.

Got a call from Larry (who was the opening MOD) saying he was running late - he was having to detour yet again (Church Street extension which leads to Reidsville was flooded and Scalesville Road had a tree across it) so he was running late getting to the store to open it. Rochelle ended up coming in - she arrived around 7:15.

Had a couple of vendors run late, and still one no-show (Jamiebear will make it in tomorrow instead.) Everything was still blown out. The chips and cookies/crackers were pretty much wiped out. Finally got some water in on today's grocery truck. Hoping we can get recovered this week so we can breathe . . . last week we were running on Ludicrous Speed . . . and the sales showed it.

Our little store did . . . $306,000 in sales last week alone! We don't see that on the week of Christmas.

And I made the mistake of stopping by the Wallyworld . . . let's just say our little Litter Box store has more in stock than they do . . . all the coffee creamers/juice was EMPTY! Not a bottle of juice left. No creamer. They did have some gallons of milk though.

Their egg case was nothing but empty shelves . . . not one single egg in sight!

Same with biscuits and cheese/butter . . . and the lunchmeats. . . . not one pack of bologna/turkey or ham to be had.

And no hot dogs . . . . No bacon and maybe a couple of packs of smoked sausage left and some Neese's Liver Pudding.

Even their Deli Bakery was empty in spots. I managed to snag a Sweet Potato Pie for Mom and some double chocolate chip muffins (no blueberry to be had though.)

But they had water up front. Buck senventy-four a case of 24.

But anyways, the sun is out now and it's hotter than Hades again. But it's what we need to dry out all this excess water we received. As far as the eastern part of the state goes, we really won't know the full extent of the damage until they dry out and everything is more visible. Estimates are right now around $600 million and counting.
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