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Old 06-08-2008, 04:02 PM
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Maybe it is a means for the customer to justify being pissed. I mean, they usually need to bitch to someone, even after they are proven wrong and give up.

And maybe it gives them ammo for later when they're relating the story to friends.

"Oh my GOD! Our vacation to St Louis was HORRIBLE! First an earthquake happened, then there was a shooting in the street, and worst of all, Herbert found a BLACK HAIR in the bed at the hotel.. well.. i gave that desk clerk an earful let me tell you!!!"

Old 06-08-2008, 04:03 PM
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I usually get annoyed when they say something like that, but I try not to take it personally. There are however some people who for some reason like to make things personal, and then try to apologize later. I just ignore them then and let them walk away, hopefully feeling bad.
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Sorry I'm a little late to the dance...
Old 06-13-2008, 05:53 AM
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Default Sorry I'm a little late to the dance...

Quoth marasbaras View Post
There is also absolutely no excuse how some companies jerk us around ... companies to whom WE PAY MONEY. And, if you happen to be the CSR on the phone when the camel's back gets broken, I'm sorry ... and I'll say I'm sorry to you that it's not your fault.

There's only so much garbage a customer, even a good customer, can take before they lose it.

And, you want to talk about basic human decency? Think about how your respective companies treat some legitimate customers. Some of the stories I've read here on CS would have me screaming at CSRs (the one that immediately comes to mind is where the call center manager would REMOVE people from the Do Not Call list because he claimed the CSR didn't work hard enough to sell ... and wanted them to call back).

If your management treats its customers like dirt, management puts you in the middle.
The "I'm sorry I'm taking this out on you" phrase has become one of those things that just doesn't hold water, but used merely as an excuse to abuse the rep for something that isn't his or her fault.

Let's be honest, despite what corporate America says, I'm not the company. I didn't make the policy. I didn't make the decision. They didn't invite me to the meeting. I simply work here, I'm trying to feed myself and provide for my relations. That's all. You as the customer need to understand that.

As someone who has held Rep, Senior and Rent a Sup positions, there isn't a good enough excuse for someone to call in and abuse the rep, no matter how much the customer is ticked or how greatly they've been wronged. Calm down, seperate your emotions from the facts. Don't call me when your angry. Settle down. Understand that we are trying to help. Chances are, we hate the company as much as you do, but for different reasons. The only reason we have the opinion we do, is because that's the opinion we're paid to have. It's not because we hate you personally. But if you want to make it personal, I will factor that into any decision I make. Those were my policies when I had the authority. It's that simple. I never tolerated as a Rep... and I don't tolerate it as a supervisor for myself or for the people under me. If you are a jerk, please understand I take great pride in nailing your hide to the wall. As always, the call is up to the customer. I just provide solutions. How the call goes was entirely up to the customer.
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