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Random Sightings
Old 09-27-2018, 01:40 AM
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Default Random Sightings

First, is there already a thread for small sightings that don't merit a whole post? If so, someone tell me and I'll add this.

At the SCO, I'm next in line, this store has six total. There's a family, mom, dad, child who is walking, child in the cart. They fiddle with the SCO for a bit, then I assume they're done since they take their stuff and start walking... To the next SCO! The person at that register was finished, and these SCs casually abandoned their SCO and took over the newly available one. They had messed up their own, and instead of telling anyone they walked away. I tried to cancel whatever they did. It didn't work, but the attendant was called so at least it got fixed, no thanks to the SCs.
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