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Apparently, we're all midgets!!
Old 07-13-2006, 02:09 AM
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Default Apparently, we're all midgets!!

Hang on, this one's kinda long!
You could tell we've had a full moon recently! I was up front (near Guest Services) verifying some counts from our cycle count. I hear this guy (to be know as "SC" from here on) carrying on in a loud voice about how he's going to talk to a manager. Well, he gets checked out down on one of the other registers and comes over and starts in on Nick, who was the Guest Service Mgr on duty. Guy goes on and on and on, loudly, about how horrible the service was back in the video dept and how he's going to go "all the way to the top" with his complaint. Well, it just so happens that all of the SMs in Albuquerque and the DM were in the store for a meeting (except our store, we don't currently have a SM, her last day was yesterday and no replacement yet). Nick offered to call one of them, he asked SC for names (which SC doesn't have), etc. Nope, SC just keeps ranting. And in an English accent, albeit a weird one - this will be important.

After he left, we got the rest of the story. Apparently, he was looking for some video game. Now, I will agree that two of the guys that happened to be near the area (they were also verifying counts) have been working there long enough that they should be able to look up things in the computer. Well, they couldn't help him. Up walks Diana (who is brand-spankin' new, still learning, and about 19), SC asks her for help since "these two midgets can't help me". The two guys are about 6 ft tall, SC is shorter than me and I'm 5ft 4in. That's also when the English accent started. He wants Diana to walk with him. Creeped her out. She said "no, what do you want". Then Terri (helps out around the store, older lady, 4ft nothin') walks up and asks SC not to talk to associates that way. He goes off that he can talk to us any way he wants because the "customer is always right". Terri tells him "No you're not, sir" (Go Terri!). That's when he starts going on about getting a manager. Terri says "Please do, my name is Terri". There was apparently some comment in there somewhere as well about how we shouldn't have "old ladies" working here either.

After we found this out, Nick and I decided that the accent was fake! And, of course, the new joke is that we're all midgets!
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