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Not my problem
Old 09-21-2019, 12:02 AM
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Default Not my problem

We delivering some tables and chairs for an office cafeteria. Surprise, surprise, the vendor screwed up. They had some bench height tables that were supposed to have 2 chairs each, and some regular height tables that were supposed to have 4 chairs each. They got the tables right but reversed things on the chairs, I have too many tall chairs and not enough short chairs. I check the order acknowledgement and delivery ticket and all the numbers match up, what was ordered was what was received.

This is the end of what I can check. As long as the shipment matches the documentation that I have, anything else is a problem between the vendor and the buyer. But even that is complicated because there is a third party involved who placed the order and bought the product. But none of that is my problem.

So I explain things to the customer, pointing out that the quantities seem wrong, but he is going to have to work that out with the vendor, there is nothing further I can do. At least he gave me the courtesy of allowing me to finish speaking before telling me that the chairs are wrong, I need to get him the right ones. Okay, I just finished telling you that this is something you are going to have to work out with the vendor. We volley this argument back and forth a few times before he finally realizes that his constant onslaught is not going to make me pull the chairs he wants out of my ass, so he reluctantly signs but not without writing in that the quantities are wrong. Yes sir, just as I had already had written in and explained to you.

No sooner do I finish with this round of fun then my phone rings. The vendor woke up from her nap and wants to know what the problem is. Okay dumbass, if you actually read the email you would know, but here is the problem. I explain to her how what was ordered was what was received, so the shipment is correct; it's up to her to figure out what happened with the order. She begins babbling away about what the order was supposed to be, but of course it's too much trouble for her to actually have the information with her, so she's just guessing things. But of course, even though she knows she's guessing, she still knows better than me so my explanations to clear things up fall on deaf ears. Finally she concludes that she'll have to look into things further. Okay, fuck off and have a shitty day then. Oh no, I'm not getting off that easy, she needs to know how there was a mistake in the order. Well geez, considering that this is the type of mistake that I perpetually see on your orders, I would guess the root of the problem is those two words that HR said many years ago: "you're hired". But since I'm not allowed to exhibit this kind of honesty, I just tell her that there's no way I can know that, she has to work that out with her office.

And finally I'm free. This should have been a simple job but as usual, somebody screws up and makes my life difficult. But then all they have to do is figure out that it's up to them to sort it out, it's not something the delivery guy can fix.
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Old 09-29-2019, 02:00 AM
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"Okay, fuck off and have a shitty day then."

That is beautiful. And hilarious.
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Old 10-02-2019, 02:18 PM
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I think the ol' adage "Don't shoot the messenger" is pretty apt here.
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