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Children of The Divine (IC)
Old 05-07-2012, 06:55 PM
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Default Children of The Divine (IC)

(( OOC Thread: http://customerssuck.com/board/showthread.php?t=88905 ))

You are the children of the Divinity, and you have been chosen to help save the world.

While your Divine parents are busy in the godly plane, battling the Titans and their most potent of monsters themselves, you have been tasked with fighting the Titans' forces in the world. You have helped defeat relatively minor schemes here and there, at the most recent about six months ago.

In the interim, time has passed quietly as you rest, recover, and/or recuperate from your last adventure. None of your escapades have made the news, either because it didn't hit the networks' radar, or because Someone made sure it didn't make headlines. In any case, it's been a good break for you.

Then, around a week ago, you received a message. In most cases, it was a letter, in a large brown envelope, bearing a stamp unlike any the post office carries. The stamp depicts a golden symbol, and that symbol varies depending on the pantheon in question, and it tingles to the touch, a sure sign that it's come from the Divinity after a fashion.

While the letter's exact contents vary, it follows a definite form. The letter-writer conveys the gratitude of the Divinity and the world for helping to stop whatever adventure had last been involved. They go on to add that their actions will not go unrewarded, but the recipient will understand if current events preclude the bestowing of such rewards for the time being. In the meantime, however your presence is required at a summit for a matter of grave importance.

Included in the envelope with the letter is a first-class ticket to Las Vegas, Nevada. Also, because the person responsible for sending these messages has a bit of an ego, there's an additional note: Looking forward to seeing you again! and an autographed 8x10 from Johnny Mercury.

While most of the scions had received the above, there may have been one or two cases wherein a more personal, direct approach was required...
================================================== ==
(( All right, a few things to note. All of your characters know of Johnny Mercury-- well-known actor that he is-- and it's known to the Divine community that he's one of them, and one of the more active "messengers of the gods." They may have met him personally once, even, but he's not exactly friends with anyone.

Now it's time for the introductory posts! Give us all an inkling of what your character's been up to, what they recently did in their most recent mission, where they are when they get the message, and whether they're receiving a letter or a face-to-face meeting. If the latter, note that in the post, and I'll respond in kind. It will either be Johnny Mercury or another scion coming to deliver the message and tickets.

All that clear? If not, post it in the OOC thread. ))
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