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Old 10-06-2020, 07:58 PM
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I have been making and carrying my own hand sanitizer since before this whole thing started. I use essential oils for scent, but you don't really need to do that. Its much cheaper than buying the pre-made sanitizer and you have control of what goes into it.

Also, now that winter is on its way...if your car doors freeze shut, run a thread of sanitizer along the gap. The alcohol helps melt the ice.
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Old 10-17-2020, 08:10 AM
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I think the ones made by distilleries smell bad for whatever reason. I carry a spray bottle with 70% rubbing alcohol for the purpose of wiping down stuff or using as a hand sanitizer. It'll mitigate stains, too. Oh, and it'll fix a frozen fuel door on your car. I haven't tried it on a friozen lock. I've been doing this at least 10 years. It's cheap and doesn't leave residue. But it is drying. That's why lotion exists.
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